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When you are buying a particular position then it is the duty of the seller to produce a possession certificate because it will certify that you are the rightful owner of that place and you will be able to continue the next procedure in that particular building. Given below, we are sharing some of the most important specifications related to the Possession Certificate. We will also share with all of our readers the specifications of the Meaning, Required Document, How To Download the possession certificate.

Meaning of Possession Certificate

The possession certificate is needed by the people who are selling some property and the certificate will confirm that the possession has been moved from the seller to the buyer. The certificate must be given to the buyer stating the date of the possession. This certificate will be dispensed by the Tahsildar in rural areas and in urban areas you will have to go to the revenue divisional officer in order to get this certificate. The certificate will confirm that the property has been shifted from one person to another and the certificate will also specify the terms that have been agreed upon between the seller and the buyer. The certificate will play a very important role in order to help the buyer get the possession without any problem.

Possession Certificate

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Conditional Possession Letter

In some circumstances when the buyer is not satisfied with the property although you have already taken into consideration the possession certificate then you can get a conditional possession letter and then you will be able to write your complaints to the builders. The buyer will be able to get the chance to write the complaints on the builder’s copy of the letter and you will have to provide all of the details related to your dissatisfaction regarding the property that you have been transferred by the seller. You will be able to ask the developer to make necessary rectifications as per the agreement that you have signed. You can get the property fixed easily.

Occupancy Certificate

A Possession Certificate will be required when the buyer is getting the possession transferred in his or her name however it will not affirm you as the rightful owner of the property. If you want to be regarded as the rightful owner of the property then you will have to get an occupancy certificate. The occupancy certificate will be issued by the local authorities and it will certify that the construction work has been completed as per the approved plan and the building is ready for further occupation. The occupation certificate will also include the details related to the construction of the building in adherence to the local laws. It is mandatory to get the occupancy certificate before starting the occupation inside the building to be safe from further problems.

Possession Certificate

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Documents Required

The following documents must be submitted while applying for the certificate and we will have to submit a copy of these documents with the duly filled application form:-

How To Download a Possession Certificate?

There is a very easy procedure that you need to follow in order to download or apply for the certificate and given below we are sharing the same:-

  • The applicant can download the application Certificate online from the revenue and land reforms office of their particular state government.
  • The applicant can also visit their nearest right to Public Service office and get the position certificate application form.
  • You will have to fill out the application form with important details and you will have to attach all of the important documents.
  • You have to read the form carefully and verify all of your information.
  • Talk to your local authorities in order to understand the details and successfully submit the application form to the concerned office.
  • You will be provided an acknowledgement number and keep the number safe and secure to check your application status online.


How long will it take to get the possession certificate?

The time frame of the certificate will depend upon the area in which you are applying for that certificate however it will take around 7 to 10 days to get.

What are the application fees that I need to submit in order to get my possession certificate?

There are proper application fees that you need to give depending upon your area and you will be able to check out the fees depending on your caste also.

What are the after-effects of not having the possession certificate?

If you are planning to get a home loan, it is important to have a certificate because then only you will be able to get money against your property.

What is the difference between possession and occupancy certificates?

This is required in order to transfer one building into the name of the buyer however the occupancy certificate is issued to start the occupation inside this building.

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