BBMP Property Tax Online Payment 2023-24: BBMP Tax Pay Online, Last Date

BBMP Property Tax Online Payment:- Bangalore has received enormous attention from all over India. Most people who come to Silicon Valley for work end up buying homes and apartments. To achieve adequate administration of a specific area, the Indian government established a local municipal body for collecting property tax revenue from the inhabitants of that region or city. The state municipal body Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) accepts BBMP tax payments from all property owners in Bengaluru. Property taxes are imposed by the BBMP on those who invest in real estate in the metropolitan area. Even if the property is empty, the owner is required to pay real estate taxes. Read below to check the detailed information related to BBMP Property Tax 2023 like Objectives, Tax Rates, Calculation, Online Payment, Status Check, and much more. 

BBMP Property Tax

BBMP Property Tax 2023-24

If you own property in Bangalore, you must pay property tax to the state’s local government, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP). Property Tax is due every year, and the BBMP calculates it using the Unit Area Volume (UAV) system. The UAV of a property is determined by its location, the nature of its use, and the expected returns from it. All real or tangible assets, including commercial, residential, and rented out property, are subject to a property tax in every state. The property tax payment process is straightforward and can be performed entirely online.

The fund is used to maintain and enhance civic bodies such as cleaning neighborhoods, beautifying the city, and repairing roads, among other things. Property owners must pay their designated BBMP house tax by the due date each year. Failure to pay this tax results in penalty charges equal to the amount owed, as well as, in some cases, imprisonment.

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Objectives of BBMP Property Tax 2023-24

The main objective of the BBMP Property Tax 2023-24 is to achieve adequate management of a specific area.  Bangalore property tax is a way for the state to raise funds from property owners to improve infrastructure and living standards. The fund is used to maintain and enhance civic bodies such as state parks, clean neighborhoods, beautify the city, and drainage systems, and repair roads, among other things.

Properties liable for Property Tax in Bangalore

The following properties are subject to property tax in Bangalore:

  • Houses, whether they are occupied by the owner or rented out
  • Factory structures
  • Buildings for offices
  • Godowns
  • Shops
  • Flats

BBMP Property Tax 2023-24 Tax Payment

  • Property tax season begins in April and ends in March of the following year, with taxes due by 30 April of the following fiscal year’s fiscal year
  • The current fiscal year for property taxes is 2023-24
  • The BBMP also offers a 5% discount on property taxes paid in one installment by the due date set by the BBMP
  • Property taxes can also be paid in two installments, with no interest or rebate, if desired.
  • Property taxes are accrued at a rate of 2% per month, or 24 percent per year, if they are not paid on time
BBMP Property Tax

BBMP Property Tax Rates 2023-24

To calculate and collect BBMP property taxes, Bangalore has been categorized into 6 zones i.e., A to F with different rates for both rented and self-occupied properties. The following are the BBMP Bangalore property tax rates:

Zone-wise BBMP Property Tax Rates 2021-22
Zones (as classified by BBMP)Self-Occupied Property (Rs per sq ft)Tenanted (Rs Per Sq ft)
ARs 2.80Rs 5
BRs 2Rs 4
CRs 1.80Rs 3.60
DRs 1.60Rs 3.20
ERs 1.20Rs 2.40
FRs 1Rs 2
Zone-wise BBMP Bangalore Commercial Property Tax Rates 2021-22
Zones (as classified by BBMP)Self-Occupied Property (Rs per sq ft)Tenanted (Rs Per Sq ft)
ARs 10Rs 20
BRs 7Rs 14
CRs 5Rs 10
DRs 4Rs 8
ERs 3Rs 6
FRs 1.50Rs 3
BBMP Bangalore Property Tax Rates on Vacant Land 2021-22 (Zone-wise)
Zones (as classified by BBMP)BBMP Property Tax on Vacant Land (Rs per sq ft)
ARs .50
BRs .40
CRs .30
DRs .25
ERs .20
FRs .12

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BBMP Property Tax Forms

There are six options for paying  BBMP property taxes. The following are the details:

BBMP Property Tax FormsDescription
Form IWhen the property owner has the Property Identification Number (PID), which is a unique ID assigned to each property, it must be used. It contains important information about the street, ward, and plot on which the property is located.
Form IIWhen the owner of the property does not have a Property Identification Number but does have a Khatha number, this code must be used. This number is the khatha certificate number, which is assigned to each property. The certificate contains all of the property’s details.
Form IIIWhen the owner does not have a Property Identification Number or a Khatha number, this must be used.
Form IVIt’s a blank form that must be filled out when there are no changes or additions to the property information.
Form VIt’s a blue form that needs to be filled out if there are any changes or alterations to the property. For example, if a new floor has been added to the house or if the property has been demolished and the designation changed from residential to non-residential.
Form VIThis code must be used when the subject property is exempt from property taxes.

BBMP Property Tax Calculation

The Annual Rental Value System, the Capital Value System, and the Unit Area System are three methods for calculating property tax.

  • Annual Rental Value System: It’s also referred to as Rateable Value. It is determined by the amenities offered, as well as the property’s size and location. Under the Annual Rental Value System, the BBMP determines a property’s gross yearly rent and assesses a tax based on that value. This is the system used in Hyderabad and Chennai.
  • Capital Value System: The market value of a property is used to forecast the tax that will be applied to it under the Capital Value System. In this system, the stamp duty department in the area usually determines the market value of properties.
  • Unit Area System: Unit Area System is another name for it (UAS). Property tax is levied on the per-unit price of carpet area in a property under the Unit Area System. New Delhi, Bangalore, and other cities use the Unit Area System, which means that the value of a property must be multiplied by its carpet area to find the tax due.

The formula for calculating BBMP property taxes

The property tax in Bangalore can be simply determined by visiting the BBMP website and using the Tax Calculator. Property tax is calculated using the following formula:

Property Tax (K) = (G-I) * 20% + Cess (24% of property tax)


  • G is Gross Unit area Value, which is obtained by X+Y+Z
  • I = G*H/100
  • I – Depreciation amount
  • X – The tenanted area of the property * 10 months * per sq ft rate
  • Y – A self-occupied area of the property * 10 months * per sq ft rate
  • Z – Vehicle parking area * 10 months * per sq ft rate
  • H – Percentage of depreciation rate, that is calculated based on the age of the building

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Steps to Pay BBMP Property Tax Online

To Pay the Property Tax, applicants need to follow the below-given steps:

  • First of all, go to the official website of the BBMP
  • The homepage of the website will open on the screen
BBMP Property Tax
  • Now under SAS Property Tax Payment, select one of the following options i.e.,
    • Application Number
    •  PID
    •  2015-2018 Renewal Application Number
  • Now, enter the Application Number and the Owner name
  • After that click on the retrieve button
  • Once you will click on the retrieve button, the owner details will be displayed on the screen
  • Now recheck the details and click on the proceed button to proceed further to Form 4
  • However, if any changes to the property are required, such as property usage, occupancy, or built-up area, click the box on the screen and select ‘proceed.’ You will be redirected to Form 5 if you do so.
  • Now review and recheck the details and proceed further to the BBMP property tax online payment  gateway
  • The amount can be paid once or in installments
  • After 24 hours, an e-receipt will be available on the portal once the payment has been completed.

Steps to Check BBMP Property Tax Payment

To Pay the Property Tax Payment, applicants need to follow the below-given steps:

BBMP Property Tax
  • A new page will open on the screen
  • Now, you can search BBMP payment status in two ways i.e.,
    • Application number
    • Challan or Transaction Number
  • Now, select one of the options and enter the required details
  • After that click on the retrieve button
  • Finally, the status of your BBMP Property Tax Payment will open on the screen

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