How to Register/ Update Email ID in SBI Account Online, Through SMS

Update Email ID in SBI Online | Register Email ID in SBI Account | How to Change Email ID in SBI

SBI offers a variety of digital banking services to its clients so they may easily access their accounts on their laptops or cellphones. Changing or registering an email ID in an SBI account is one of these services. You can create an email ID for your SBI bank account online using the Internet Banking feature if your previously registered email address is no longer usable or if you choose to do so. Step-by-step steps are provided in this guide to help you adjust your email address in SBI online.

Register/ Update Email ID in SBI

How Can I Update Email ID in SBI?

Your email ID can be linked to your SBI Bank account in a variety of ways, both online and offline. Any of these methods can be used to register or add your email address to your SBI account.

  • without SBI internet banking
  • with SBI Internet banking
  • with YONO SBI
  • Bank Visit

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Register Email ID in SBI Using Internet Banking

If you have an active SBI INB account, creating an SBI email address is extremely simple. Users of SBI personal net banking can now easily register or update their email addresses. One of the safest methods to update or add your email address with SBI is using this method.

The processes for registering an SBI email address are listed below.

  • By visiting this link, you can access SBI Personal Net Banking.
  • Input the OTP that was sent to your RMN.
  • Then select the Profile tab.
  • Like in the picture below, click Personal Details / Mobile.
  • Enter your SBI internet banking profile password.
  • You can now register or update your email address on this page using SBI net banking.
  • You must now decide whether to approve via an SMS OTP or a branch approval. For instant approval, use the OTP option.
  • Click the Approve button after receiving a high-security password or OTP to your registered mobile phone.
  • Enter the OTP, and upon successful validation, you will see the phrase “Email address updated successfully” as a confirmation.
  • This is how you use SBI internet banking to register or update your email address.

Update Email ID in SBI through YONO SBI App?

Now, the YONO SBI users can utilize this app to change or add Email Addresses. Follow these steps to add or update your email address with YONO SBI:

  • Using your username and password or MPIN, sign in to the YONO SBI app.
  • As shown in the figure below, scroll down to the bottom and press on the Service Request.
  • Now click the Profile area and change or add your email address.
  • To add or amend the email ID, click the pencil symbol.
  • Select the Submit button after entering your SBI profile password.
  • Using YONO SBI, you can now add or amend your email address in SBI.

So, here is how you use the YONO SBI app to add or edit your email address in SBI.

Update Email ID in SBI by Visiting a Branch

This is the final method for adding or updating an email address on an SBI bank account. You can do this by going to the home branch and asking a bank representative for the KYC application form (individual).

Give this form to a specific person at the bank after carefully filling it out with all the necessary information. Your email address will be updated or connected to your SBI bank account if everything is in order.

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How can I Register Email ID in SBI using SMS?

Even though SBI has received OTP approval to register or amend an email ID, there is still no way to register an email through the SMS service. This is a typical inquiry from SBI clients. To put it simply, you cannot register your email address for an SBI account via SMS.

However, you can use the three simple techniques listed above to accomplish email registration or update your SBI account.

Why is a Valid Email Address Required for an SBI Bank Account?

You might wonder why it’s so crucial to register a new email address or update an old one with SBI. You will receive email notifications for monthly bank statements, and NEFT Transaction alerts (from the email addresses,, and, password change alerts, OTP, account statements, and other things in your mailbox if you have an email ID linked to your SBI account.


How do I add my email address to the SBI Quick App?

Utilizing YONO SBI and SBI Personal Internet Banking, you can register your email address with SBI. Open an SBI Net Banking session. Click Update Email ID in the profile area. Type in the OTP that was sent to your RMN, then click “Submit.”

How do I add my email address to my SBI account through SMS?

SBI has not yet made it possible to register for or add an email address to an SBI account by SMS. However, you can use YONO SBI or Internet banking to register your email address with SBI.

How do I modify my SBI account’s email address?

Using YONO SBI App or SBI internet banking, you can update your existing email address in SBI. Open an SBI Net Banking session. Click Update Email ID in the Profile section. You have successfully changed your Email ID after entering the OTP.
Log in to the app in YONO SBI with your username, password, or MPIN. Visit the profile section after choosing the service request. There, you can update your SBI email address.

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