Saria Price Today 2022 in Uttar Pradesh Saria New Rate List Check

Steel is a key building material when building your own home and it significantly affects construction costs. So, we must be aware of the current steel price per kilogram. In this article today, we are going to provide you about the Saria Price Today 2022 in Uttar Pradesh.

Steel is one of the most expensive and often utilized building materials since its cost is considerable in comparison to other materials. Without steel, no construction project can be finished. Concrete is strong in compression but weak in tension, thus steel bar reinforcing is utilized to give the concrete its tensile strength.

Saria Price Today 2022

Saria Price Today 2022 in Uttar Pradesh (Steel Price List)

The table below provides the Saria Price Today in Uttar Pradesh:

VarietyQuantityPrice Today
10 mm TMT Bars1 KgRs. 74.50
12 mm TMT Bars1 KgRs. 74.00
16 mm TMT Bars1 KgRs. 74.00
20 mm TMT Bars1 KgRs. 73.00
25 mm TMT Bars1 KgRs. 72.00
28 mm TMT Bars1 KgRs. 71.00
32 mm TMT Bars1 KgRs. 70.00
5.5 mm TMT Bars1 KgRs. 78.00
6 mm TMT Bars1 KgRs. 77.00
8 mm TMT Bars1 KgRs. 76.00

As per India Standard Specification, steel is provided in as-rolled steel bars in a range of diameters.

National Permit

Steel Bar Diameters Most Frequently used in India

  • 8 mm
  • 10 mm
  • 12 mm
  • 16 mm
  • 20 mm
  • 25 mm
  • 32 mm
  • 40 mm

You can get steel bars directly from steel manufacturers if you need a large quantity of steel, or you can buy them through local material providers.

Current Steel Price Per Kg

The current TMT Steel Price Per Kg is as follows:

Price of 8 mm Steel Today or 8 mm Saria Price Today (Fe 500)

Brands8 mm10 mm12 mm16 mm20 mm25 mm
TATA Tiscon70.3070.5570.5370.7470.9169.49
JSW Steel73.2771.1674.1974.1974.1974.19
A1 Gold62.6562.5862.6862.6862.6862.68
Ultra TMT64.5464.5463.2463.2463.2464.54
Tirupati TMT61.5061.5061.0061.0061.0058.95
Birla TMT75.0074.8074.8074.8074.8074.80

Factors Affecting Steel Price

The market price of steel bars is impacted by a number of factors, causing steel prices to fluctuate.

Here are some elements that influence TMT bar price in the steel sector:

Steel Supply and Demand

As is common knowledge, the market price or rate of any product is determined by the ratio of supply to demand. Similar to how the price of steel depends on this element, the price of steel decreases as supply grows and demand declines.

And the market price of steel will undoubtedly rise if demand rises and supply cannot keep up with the demand.

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Cost of Raw Materials and their Accessibility

The price of raw materials used in manufacturing has a big impact on how much steel costs on the market. The cost of producing steel has increased along with market pricing for basic materials. Therefore, this increased manufacturing cost has an impact on the market price of steel.

Similar to this, if the raw material is not readily available locally, the cost of transportation will increase the cost of producing steel, which will ultimately increase the price of steel in the market.

Costs of distribution and Transportation

The price of steel is heavily influenced by transportation and distribution costs. Products are delivered from manufacturers to suppliers, who then deliver them to nearby retail merchants. The price of the goods will increase if it has be shipped from a faraway location due to the added expense of transportation.

Energy and Power Costs

One of the most significant elements influencing the price of steel bars on the market is the cost of the energy and power used to manufacture it.

We all know that the cost of the power used in production has climbed along with the market price of oil. The cost of the finished product on the market ultimately increases as a result.

Weight of Steel Bars of Various Diameters

The unit weight of steel bars is displayed in the table below.

Dia of Steel BarLengthUnit Weight
8 mm1 m0.395 kg/m
10 mm1 m0.610 kg/m
12 mm1 m0.89 kg/m
16 mm1 m1.58 kg/m
20 mm1 m2.46 kg/m
25 mm1 m3.87 kg/m
32 mm1 m6.32 kg/m
40 mm1 m9.87 kg/m

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List of Best Steel Brands In India

Steel of various grades was produced by numerous businesses. Below is a list and explanation of some of India’s top steel manufacturers:

  • Tata Steel
  • JSW Steel Ltd.
  • Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL)
  • Essar Steel Ltd.
  • Shyam Steel Industries Ltd.
  • Jindal Steel and Power Ltd.
  • VISA Steel
  • SRMB Steel
  • Electosteel
  • Mesco Steel
  • Kamdhenu Steel

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