Cement Price Today 2022 in India New Cement Rate List Check Online

One of the most widely used and fundamental building materials in the construction sector is cement. After cement was introduced to the construction industry, all other materials, including lime and clay, which had been extensively employed for hundreds of years, were replaced. The article will provide you with the details related to the Cement Price Today 2022 in India

One of the most popular building materials is cement. Therefore, the price of cement when purchasing is crucial in lowering the cost of construction.

Its primary purpose is to give strength and join all other materials that are utilised with it.

Mortar, plaster, grout, paints, pre-cast elements, and reinforced and plain cement concrete are only a few of the other uses for cement.

Cement Price Today 2022

Cement Price Today in India 2022

The following is the Cement Price Today in India:

VarietyQuantityPrice Today
Blast Furnace Slag Cement1 BagRs. 800.00
Extra Rapid Hardening Cement1 BagRs. 400.00
High Alumina Cement1 BagRs. 750.00
Low Heat Cement1 BagRs. 350.00
Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)1 BagRs. 350.00
Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC)1 BagRs. 350.00
Quick Setting Cement1 BagRs. 450.00
Rapid Hardening Cement1 BagRs. 400.00
Sulfates Resisting Cement1 BagRs. 700.00
White Cement1 KgRs. 40.00

Saria Price Today 2022

All Cement Rate List Today 2022

All Cement Price List Today is given in the table below:

Cement BrandGrade of CementPrice (Rs.)
Ultratect Cement53 Grade OPCRs. 430
Ambuja Cement53 Grade OPCRs. 420
ACC Cement53 Grade OPCRs. 385
Birla Cement53 Grade OPCRs. 440
JK Lakshmi Cement53 Grade OPCRs. 390
Dalmia Cement53 Grade OPCRs. 450
Jaypee Cement53 Grade OPCRs. 380
Shree Cement53 Grade OPCRs. 330
Banger Cement53 Grade OPCRs. 340
Coromandel Cement53 Grade OPCRs. 430
Priya Cement53 Grade OPCRs. 400
Ramco Cement53 Grade OPCRs. 430
Sanghi Cement53 Grade OPCRs. 400
Hathi Cement53 Grade OPCRs. 350

Consumption Of Cement In India

Cement usage in India from the 2009 fiscal year through 2022, including projections through 2022,

Consumption Of Cement In India

Top 10 Cement Companies In India

The following are the top cement companies in India 2022,

  • UltraTech Cement
  • Ambuja Cement
  • ACC Cement
  • Shree Cement
  • Birla Cement
  • JK Cement
  • Binani Cement
  • Jaypee Cement
  • Dalmia Cement
  • India Cement

E Shram Card 

Cement Price List 2022

The Cement Price per bag in India

Consumption Of Cement In India

Reasons for Cement’s Popularity

Following is a list of some of the factors contributing to its acceptance by everyone and popularity:

  • Large quantities of cement may be produced under precise, controlled conditions, packed, and shipped over great distances.
  • Compared to lime and clay, cement is ten times stronger.
  • When combined with other locally accessible materials, cement is simple to employ.
  • When kept at room temperature, it lasts a reasonable amount of time without deteriorating or being damaged.
  • In comparison to other materials that take longer than cement to harden, cement hardens with water within 30 minutes and reaches its optimum strength in 24 to 48 hours.
  • When water and quick lime are combined, a lot of heat is produced, however less heat is produced when water and cement are combined.
  • Additionally, it can withstand compressive loads.
  • It provides a solid binding to steel reinforcement and transmits excess stresses to steel in the event that tension and shear loads arise.
  • Materials like limestone, hematite, bauxite, clay, etc., which are widely distributed in the earth’s upper crust, are used to make cement.

Most Used Cement in India

  • The two best types of cement for building homes are as follows.
  • Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC).
  • Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC).

PM Svanidhi Scheme

Simple Portland Cement (OPC)

OPC is the most extensively utilised and well-liked option for use in all types of construction work and has been for a very long time. Using OPC has a number of benefits, including:

It takes less time to develop strength.

There are three grade levels available: 33, 43, and 53.

The former OPC cement grades 33 and 43 are no longer used for residential building; instead, OPC 53 grade cement is used.

The ideal cement for concrete is OPC 53 grade cement.

Portland Pozzolana Cement, (PPC)

Due to the usage of pozzolanic ingredients, which provide cement greater characteristics, PPC has now overtaken all other options. This cement has a similar strength to OPC 53 Grade cement.

The following are some benefits of adopting PPC:

It costs less than the OPC.

It makes things easier to work with.

improved resistance to chemicals.

How long you want the formwork to be removed should be considered while deciding between OPC and PPC. When compared to OPC, the PPC concrete mix takes longer to set. Select accordingly.

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