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With consolidated total assets of Rs.12.5 trillion as of 30 June 2019, ICICI Bank is one of India’s leading private sector banks. Through a number of delivery channels, it provides a wide range of financial goods and services to both retail and corporate customers. ICICI Bank Net Banking is one of these channels, as it is the quickest and most convenient means to access the bank’s services. In addition, the bank provides NRI customers with a separate login page. The many components of ICICI online banking are broken down in depth below.

ICICI Bank Net Banking

How to Register for ICICI Bank Net Banking

Register for ICICI Bank Net Banking
  • Next to the text ‘Personal Banking,’ click the ‘Login’ button.
  • To begin the registration procedure, click ‘Get User ID.’
  • You’ll be sent to a new screen where you must click the ‘Click Here to Proceed’ button.
  • Before clicking ‘Go,’ enter the bank account number and the cellphone number associated with the account, as seen in the figure below.
  • Your account’s user ID will be generated by the system and displayed on the screen.
  • Return to the login screen and select ‘Generate Password.’
  • On the next screen, click the ‘Click Here to Proceed’ option.
  • Click ‘Go’ after entering the user ID.
  • To obtain the OTP, enter the account’s registered mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP you received to have the system generate a password for you to use to access internet banking.

ICICI Bank Account Opening 

How to Access ICICI Bank Net Banking Account

  • Go to https://www.icicibank.com/Personal-Banking/insta-banking/internet-banking/index.page to access the ICICI net banking portal’s official webpage.
  • Type in your user name and password.
  • To enter your internet banking account, click the ‘Login’ option.
  • How can I check the balanceĀ of my account on the ICICI net banking portal?
  • You must first register for net banking services and then log in to your account using your user ID and password on the net banking portal to view your account balance online. You can check your account balance on the dashboard after logging in.
  • The dashboard will show the account balances for all of the accounts linked to the net banking service. You can also check your recent transactions and obtain your account statement.

ICICI Bank Net Banking Fund Transfer

  • Go to the ICICI netbanking portal and log in to your internet banking account.
  • Under the ‘Payments & Transfer’ page, select the ‘Funds Transfer’ option.
  • Select the appropriate selection from the list of transfer types and click the ‘Transfer Now’ button.
  • Choose the account from which you want to transfer funds and the account to which you want to send funds.
  • Fill in the required information, such as the amount to be sent, the transaction date, and the payment method (NEFT, RTGS, or IMPS).
  • Select ‘Next’.
  • A screen will emerge with all of the transaction details for verification.
  • After you’ve verified everything, click the ‘Submit’ button to finish the transaction.

 ICICI Bank App Download

ICICI Bank Net Banking Transaction Limits

Transaction TypeMinimum Transaction AmountMaximum Transaction Amount
IMPS (IFSC and Account Number)Rs.1Rs.2,00,000
IMPS (MMID and Mobile Number)Rs.1Rs.10,000

Applicable Charges

Transaction AmountIMPSNEFTRTGS
<Rs.10,000Rs.5 + GSTRs.2.5 + GSTNot Applicable
Rs.10,000-Rs.1,00,000Rs.5 + GSTRs.5 + GSTNot Applicable
Rs.1,00,000-Rs.2,00,000Rs.15 + GSTRs.15 + GSTNot Applicable
Rs.2,00,000-Rs.5,00,000Not ApplicableRs.25 + GSTRs.25 + GST
Rs.5,00,000-Rs.10,00,000Not ApplicableRs.25 + GSTRs.50 + GST

ICICI Bank Credit Card

Recover ICICI Net Banking Login Password

  • Visit https://www.icicibank.com/Personal-Banking/insta-banking/internet-banking/index.page to access the ICICI net banking portal.
  • Select ‘Get Password’ option.
  • Type in your user ID and select the ‘Go’ option.
  • To obtain the OTP, enter the mobile number associated with the account and select the ‘Go’ option.
  • In the Unique Number Box, enter the OTP you received on your registered mobile number and select the ‘Go’ option.
  • Create a new password according to the rules, then re-enter it for confirmation. Select ‘Go’ option.
  • A success notification stating that your password has been changed will appear on the screen.

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