How to Close ICICI Bank Account Online | Account Closure Form, Charges

Close ICICI Bank Account Online | ICICI Bank Account Closure Form, Charges, Status Check | Close ICICI Bank Demat/ Salary Account

Private bank ICICI Bank (आईसीआईसीआईबैंक) is located in India and provides financial services. The private bank’s main office is located in Mumbai. In order to open an urban branch conventional saving account, ICICI Bank requires a balance of Rs 10,000. You can terminate your ICICI bank account online by downloading the ICICI bank account closure form, and the bank will charge you if the minimum amount is not maintained. Unfortunately, some consumers lose money since they don’t realise that a minimum balance is necessary. To avoid further fines, it is therefore preferable to terminate the account. ICICI bank account closure instructions are provided below.

Close ICICI Bank Account Online

The good news is that it’s now possible for you to close your ICICI Bank account. It doesn’t take long to close an ICICI account online, which is a positive thing. In this article, we’ll go over how to close an ICICI bank account.

Close ICICI Bank Account

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Withdraw Balance from Your ICICI Bank Account

Withdrawing every penny from the ICICI bank is the initial step. By using the net banking website and transferring money from your ICICI account to another bank account, you can do this online. You can even use net banking on your mobile device to complete this.   

ICICI Bank Account Opening

Download the ICICI Bank Account Closer Form

You can also download the Account closure form from the official ICICI bank website and bring a filled-out form to the branch after moving all of the money from your bank account. 

Fill Out the ICICI Bank Account Closer Form

After getting the ICICI account closure form (which is available for download online), complete the form with the necessary information. You don’t need to mention the balance amount since you have already transferred the bank’s funds. 

Attach your KYC Documents

All account holders are required to include a copy of their KYC documents, such as a copy of their PAN, which serves as both a proof of identity and a proof of address, with the ICICI Bank Account Closure Form. Account holders could also be asked to attest to these documents on their own.

Remaining ICICI Bank Cheque Leaves, a Debit Card, and a Passbook must be submitted

Present Balance Now Send the completed form to the bank’s customer service representative along with the Debit card, Passbook, and Chequebook. Ensure you have identification on you at all times because the executive might require it.

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Take a receipt for your acknowledgment

Don’t forget to obtain the acknowledgment slip from the bank. The ICICI bank account will thereafter be closed in the following ten working days.

The procedure to close an ICICI Bank account is described above. Please call the toll-free customer support line at 1800 102 4242 if you experience any issues and ask for help. You can also make a complaint if the issue is not being resolved for you.

How to Close ICICI Bank Account Online

Currently, it is not possible to end an ICICI Bank account online. The ICICI bank account can be closed without going to the home branch, though. Instead, you can close your ICICI Account online by downloading the account closure form, then going to the closest ICICI Bank branch.

How to close a salary account with ICICI Bank

Observe these steps to close an ICICI Bank NRI account online:

  • First of all, download the ‘Request for Closure of a Savings Bank Account for an NRI’ form.
  • Print it, complete all the fields, and then sign it.
  • Include a self-attested photocopy of a valid passport.
  • Send the application to the Mumbai branch of ICICI Bank.
  • Observation: By requesting it, the NRI Trading and Demat Accounts will be separated from the NRI Bank Account.
  • The account cannot be closed if it is dormant or inactive; instead, it must be activated first.
  • An NRE or any other third-party account cannot accept the proceeds from the closing of an NRO Savings account.

Documents Required while Closing the account

You must present a few documents to the officials after filling out the form completely and selecting how you want to collect your remaining funds. Address proof and identity proof documents are necessary. Take the copies of the papers you wish to submit, sign them with your name to make them self-attested, and attach them as photocopies. It’s vital to remember that photocopies of documents are not regarded to be authentic if they lack your signature.

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How to Close an Online ICICI Direct Demat Account.

Online closure of an ICICI Direct Demat account is not permitted. You must complete a form and submit it to the company in order to close your Demat account. The account can be closed without incurring any expenses. The account may, however, take seven days to close. 

Can I Online Close My ICICI Bank Account?

Your ICICI bank account cannot currently be closed online. To shut your account, visit the branch or download the ICICI account closing form from the company’s website.

What Fees Apply When Closing An ICICI Bank Account?

There won’t be any fees if the bank account is canceled within 14 days. If the icici bank account is closed between 14 and six months, a Rs. 1000 closing fee will be assessed. The charges are Rs. 500 and the Speed Clearing price is Rs. 150 if it is closed after six months.

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