How To Change Name, DOB, Address, Email ID, Mobile Number in LIC Policy

How To Change Name In LIC Policy:– Keeping your LIC policy’s Mobile Number and Email up to date has become a must these days. This aids in receiving policy-related alerts and notifications. Maintaining your email and mobile number up to date on all of your insurance policies is a crucial feature that you should not overlook. To update your email or mobile number in your LIC insurance, you must first register your policy and then update your contact information. Otherwise, you could write a letter to your servicing branch to update your contact information. The article will explain details about How To Change Name, DOB, Address, Email ID, Mobile Number in LIC Policy

Also, policyholders have a lot of inquiries and searches on the internet about how to register their mobile number and email address. For example, how can I update my email address in my LIC policy? Let’s look at How to Update Mobile Numbers and Emails in LIC Policy in this post.

How To Change Name, DOB, Address, Email ID, Mobile Number in LIC Policy

India’s largest insurance firm is the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC). In India, the majority of people have at least one LIC policy in their family.LIC recently launched an online facility to amend a LIC policy’s email or mobile number. Let’s have a look at how to accomplish this task online.

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How To Change Name in LIC Policy (Update Information)?

You can register or amend your Email and Mobile Number in your policy in three ways:

  1. Registering online.
  2. Contacting customer service
  3. Submitting the Contact Information Form

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How Do I Change Name in LIC Policy Online?

Follow the steps below to know about how to update your LIC policy’s email or mobile number online.

  • First of all go to the LIC’s official website i.e
  • On the site, go to the Customer Services option in the menu bar. A drop down menu will appear. Now click on “Update Your Contact details – Online” option.
 Update My LICPolicy's Mobile Number And Email Address Online
  • Now you will be redirected to another page as shown below:
Change Name in LIC Policy
  • Fill in your contact information: Enter your entire name and date of birth as they appear on the insurance document you’re holding.After that, enter your phone number and email address. It’s important to note that you must enter your entire name, date of birth, and phone number.Next, select the number of insurance policies for which you want to register your contact information online. You can only register your contact information for a total of ten policies at a time.

Check your declaration and then click the “Submit” button.

  • Include policy numbers:Fill in the policy numbers on the next page in the space provided.

As you can see in the image below, the screen appears like this for two policies in this case. As a result, it displays two boxes for policy numbers.

LIC Update

If you choose more, you’ll have more options for entering policy numbers. Select the tab “Validate Policy Details.”

  • Submit a Request: Once the policy records’ name and date of birth match the information you gave. Then, as shown in the image below, a successful message will appear on the screen.
Submit Update

In order to submit your request, you need to go to the “Send Request” tab. Please note that only policies with a Request-Status of Successful will generate requests.

  • Make a note of Request Number: The data enter success notice will appear after a successful submission, as shown below. Your “Request Number” and “Request Date” are displayed in the pop-up.
Change Name in LIC Policy

You should keep records of the request number for future reference.

  • You will receive a verification call from a LIC representative to confirm your phone number. You’ll also get an email to your new email address.
  • Your contact information will be updated in the LIC database for future communication after verification. After successful verification, the Life Insurance Corporation of India will send a confirmation message (SMS) and an email.
  • You can also replace your old phone number with a new one using the same approach. This is how you may update your LIC policy’s mobile number online.

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LIC Policies Contact information Update via Call Customer Service

To register your contact information for your policies, call the LIC helpline at 022-68276827. This is a service that is available 24*7.

The LIC Customer Zones also offer policyholders individual services. For registration, contact the nearest customer zone.

LIC Name Change Application Form

You can update your email address and phone number in your policies by submitting a completed Contact Details Form to any LIC office near you. A copy of the “Contact Details Form” is available here.

Application Form to Change Name in LIC Policy

You can also send a letter to your home branch. Also, ask them to change your contact information. This is how you can change your email address in your LIC insurance.

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The LIC SMS 24*7Helpline.

You can retrieve the details of your policy by sending an SMS to 9222492224. The SMS will be formatted as follows.


You do not need to register to use the LIC’s SMS helpline.

Why is it vital to keep your LIC policy’s contact information up to date?

Once you’ve updated your policy’s email address and phone number. All policy-related alerts will be delivered to your smartphone.

This will inform you of premium due dates, policy status, policy lapse, money-back details, survivor benefits, maturity payments, and other important information.

You’ll also receive any other crucial policy-related notifications on your smartphone. As a result, it’s critical to update your LIC policy’s email or mobile number online.

Points to Remember

  • When changing the name on their LIC insurance, policyholders should keep the following in mind:
  • Name changes can only be made at the home branch where the insurance was issued.
  • To ensure a seamless process, make the name change in one of the government documents (Aadhar, PAN, voter id, etc.) before starting with the name change in a LIC policy.
  • At the time of the name change, you must bring all original policy documents to the company.
  • The cause for the name change (spelling error, marriage, or other circumstances) must be stated explicitly in the request letter to the branch manager.
  • To clear any ambiguities about the process, contact the company’s customer care department.

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LIC Policy Name Change FAQ’s

Which of our LIC policy’s details can we update online?

Any LIC India customer who has successfully subscribed for Life Insurance policy services can update their current personal mobile number and eMail address by submitting an online request to the LIC online service portal, and they can also update the contact details for all different types of LIC policies at a time up to a maximum of 10 insurance policies.

How can you fix an error when amending your LIC policy’s contact information online?

When the system retrieves the data of LIC policies that you have provided, your browser may display the following message (record not found, please try). Simply go back and check whether all of the entered LIC policy numbers are correct or not; if any errors are discovered, please correct them; if this does not work, please try again in a different internet browser.
Google Chrome is the recommended internet browser for updating your LIC policy contact details, so try to update all of your Life Insurance policy contact data online using Chrome.
Following successful confirmation, an email with all of your updated communication data and registered LIC policy numbers will be sent to your registered email address.

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