LIC Maturity Claim Online | LIC Policy Claim Process, Check Status

LIC Maturity Claim Online | LIC Policy Claim Process | LIC Maturity Claim Online Check Status | Checking the Status of LIC Policy through SMS

The Life Insurance Corporation of India is one of India’s most well-known and successful life insurance companies. With its life insurance plans and investment schemes, LIC services millions of people. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, LIC has announced that clients can file a LIC Maturity Claim Online. Customers can also submit a claim for LIC survival benefits via the internet.

LIC Maturity Claim

LIC Maturity Claim Online

LIC maturity claims are claims that are settled for endowment type insurance policies offered by LIC under settlement option for amounts payable at the end of the policy period or in regular structured periodic installments as per the subscription of a LIC policy, and every claim under this maturity will be informed to policyholders at least two months prior to the due date.

Maturity claims, survivor benefits, and death claims are all claims that can be made online. Check how to claim LIC maturity online, how to obtain a death claim online, check LIC death claim status, LIC policy status, and more if you have invested with LIC. So, learn how to resolve a LIC Maturity Claim step by step and what documents are required for an early final settlement. Here’s how you can check the status of your LIC Maturity Claim Online.

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Process to Claim LIC Policy Online

Here’s a step-by-step approach to filing a claim for the LIC Policy Maturity Online.

Sign up for the Portal or log in.

Claim LIC Policy Online
  • Select “Customer Portal” in the Online Services tab.
  • Then, select “New User” option.
New User
  • You will be redirected to the new page. Complete the form and submit it.
Application form

Note: If you are already a registered user, go to the “Registered User” tab. Log in with your User ID, password, and birthdate.

Avail E-Service

After login in, go to the “e-Services” tab to access “e-Service.” To use e-services on a registered policy, print and sign the document and upload it. You must enroll in your policy using the steps outlined above. After validation, you can use the e-services.

Submit Form No. 3825

In most situations, the Life Insurance Corporation of India delivers the maturity notice to the consumer one month before the maturity date. Download Form No. 3825 if you have not yet gotten the notification. For a LIC claim, you must submit a completed form together with the original policy document on the internet.

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Claiming LIC After Death

Sign up for the portal or log in.

  • Go to the official website of LIC.
  • Select “Customer Portal” in the Online Services tab.
  • Then, select “New User” option.
  • You will be redirected to the new page. Complete the form and submit it.
LIC Maturity Claim

Note: If you are already a registered user, go to the “Registered User” tab. Log in with your User ID, password, and birthdate.

Avail E-service

After login in, go to the “e-Services” tab to access “e-Service.” To use e-services on a registered policy, print and sign the document and upload it. You must enroll in your policy using the steps outlined above. After validation, you can use the e-services.

Download Form “A” in Form no. 3738.

Fill out the form and print it. Submit the completed form, as well as the death certificate, original insurance instrument, and assignment deed.

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Checking LIC Claim Status

Log in to your account on the official portal to check the progress of your LIC claim. After you’ve logged in, you’ll need to choose a policy. When the policy page appears, you can check the LIC claim status as well as other policy details.

Checking LIC Death Claim Status Online

By logging in with a User ID and password to the official LIC portal, you can verify LIC death claims. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to see all of the policies that have been registered. To examine the status of the LIC death claim due under the policy, choose the relevant policy or click on the ‘claim status’ option.

Things to keep in Mind when Checking LIC Policy Information on the Internet

Here are some things to bear in mind if you are a new customer and are creating your user ID and password for the first time:

  • It would be necessary to provide your policy number. As a result, you should keep your LIC policy information ready.
  • You have the option of selecting any user ID that you desire.Your user ID can be alphabetical, numerical, or contain special characters such as a dot or underscore.
  • Your password should be between eight and thirty characters long. Make a password that you will not forget easily. To prevent any fraudulent actions in your account, your password should be unique and kept private.
  • The information marked with an asterisk (*) is required. You will be required to give such information in order to register or log into your account.
  • The PIN Code for your area should be a six-digit number.
  • You should enter a valid email address when joining up so that it can be used for any form of correspondence in the future.
  • Your user ID should be one-of-a-kind. If it matches an existing ID, you will be notified and will be required to create a new ID for your account.

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Checking the Status of LIC Policy through SMS

You can also check the status of your insurance and other policy details by sending an SMS to LIC. You must send an SMS from your registered phone number, and you will receive a response via return SMS on the same phone. The following texts should be sent to 9222492224 via SMS:

Policy querySMS to be sent
To know about the installment premium payable under your LIC policyASKLIC<Policy number>PREMIUM
To know about availing policy loanASKLIC<Policy number>LOAN
To know about the current bonus rate and the vested bonuses in the planASKLIC<Policy number>BONUS
To revive a lapsed policy and to know about the revivalASKLIC<Policy number>REVIVAL
To check your existing nominee detailsASKLIC<Policy number>NOMINATION

Checking Policy Status through Customer Care

LIC offers specialized customer zones that can assist you with any LIC policy questions you may have. The customer zones are open Monday through Saturday and offer individualized support with all of your insurance-related questions, information, and service requests.

For each city, there are different consumer zones. Here are the contact details for the top 50 cities’ client zones –

Name of the cityCustomer zone contact number
Ahmedabad079-27461032,079-27490619 and 079-27461662
BangaloreIVRS Number: 080-26659230 Phone number: 22966553,080-22966528, 080-22966836/896
BhagalpurIVRSNumber:: 0641-2610024 Phone Number: 2610033,0641-2610011, 2610099
BhubaneshwarIVRSNumber:: 0674 – 2573996 Phone numbers: – 0674- 2573911, 0674-2573910
ChennaiIVRS Number: 044-28884300 Phone number.- 044-28611642,044-28611912, 044-25331915 and 044-25331914
CuttackIVRS Number: 0671-2307085 Phone Numbers. -0671-2307889, 0671-2307883
Delhi1800112552/ 011-23310868 and 011-22785930
Gurgaon0124-2576060, 2578060, 2570060
HyderabadIVRS Number: 040-23437997 Phone numbers- 23420740,040-23420730& 23420761
JalandharIVRS Number: 0181-2480918 Phone Number- 0181-2480967
JamshedpurIVRS Number: 0657-2320600, Phone Numbers – 0657- 2443229, 0657-2443228
JammuIVRS Number: 0191-2479717, Phone Number- 0191-2479791
JodhpurIVRS Number: 0291-2620079, Phone Number- 0291-2657117 or 0291-2635076
KolkataIVRS Number: 033-22545454, Phone numbers – 033-22124172, 033-22124176, 033-2337-0642 and 033 2419-8476
KozhikodeManager- 0495 2725581 Executives 0495-2725583 IVRS 0495-2726006
MumbaiIVRS Number: 022-26766221. Phone numbers- 022-26788943, 022-27723592, 022-27725968, 022-28913760,022-28912605, and 022- 28482907
MysoreIVRS Number: 0821-2346900 Phone Numbers – 0821-2341096, 2341099
NagpurIVRS Number: 0712-2454820, Phone numbers – 0712-2450083, 0712-2450080
PatnaIVRS Number: 0612-2201795, Phone Number- 0612-2332033
PuneIVRS Number: 020-25514248, Phone number – 020-25539790
RajkotIVRS number: 0281-2570871, Phone numbers: 0281-2581318, 2581319, 2483210
Secunderabad040-27820146 and 27820136
Surat0261-2801833 and 2770227
Thane022-25423226 and 25421474
VaranasiIVRS Number: 0542-2222412, Phone Number- 0542-2220457
VijayawadaIVRS Number: 0866-2484803, Phone Numbers- 0866-2499595, 596, 597
VisakhapatnamIVRS: 0891-2523473 Phone no.: 0891-2558254 and 2513404

Change Name, DOB, Address, Email ID, Mobile Number in LIC Policy

Checking My LIC Policy Surrender Value

You can also use the internet to find out how much your standard LIC policy is worth. Surrender value refers to the amount you would receive if you surrendered your policy before the conclusion of the policy term. Surrendering the policy is possible by contacting the insurance company during the policy’s term. The following formula is used to compute the surrender value:

Surrender value = [{Sum Assured * (number of premiums paid / total number of premiums payable)} + vested bonuses] * Surrender Value Factor

You can either calculate your surrender value by yourself or look up the surrender value of your policy in your policy details online.

LIC Policy Status Should be Checked Timely

You should review the status of your existing LIC policy on a regular basis. When you perform a routine check, you can:

  • Find out when your premium is due.
  • View the plan’s remaining duration.
  • Examine the bonuses that have accumulated.
  • Renew a policy that has expired.
  • Make any kind of service request. 
  • As a result, a timely check keeps you informed about your current policy, allowing you to budget properly.
  • You may check the status of your LIC insurance in a variety of ways.
  • Make the most of LIC’s services and keep track of your LIC policies to understand your coverage.


Is it possible to claim my LIC maturity amount online?

Yes, the Life Insurance Corporation of India’s online website for claiming policies has been activated. You can quickly file a claim for the maturity of your LIC insurance online.

What is the best way to check the status of LIC insurance online?

You must go to the Life Insurance Corporation of India’s official website. Use your registered User ID, password, and DOB to log in. To check the status of your policy, select the desired policy or click the “claim status” option.

How do I take advantage of LIC’s “e-Services”?

You can access the “e-Services” by going to the LIC’s web portal. If you are a new user, you must first register. To log in, enter your User ID, password, and DOB if you are a registered user. Details on the policy should be added. You will receive a form, which you will download and print. Please upload a scanned copy of the document that includes your signature. You can access E-services for the registered policy after it has been validated.

Is it necessary for me to enroll in all of my LIC policies?

Any policy for which you want “e-Services” must be enrolled. If you have many policies, you can enroll in all of them or simply the one for which you want “e-Service.”

What is the best way to check my LIC status online?

Simply go to the Life Insurance Corporation of India’s e-Services portal. Use your username and password to log in (User ID, password, and DOB). You can access several options connected to your policy after logging in.

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