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PF Correction Form Online | DOB in EPF UAN Form Online | Online EPF UAN Correction Process | EPF UAN Correction Process Employee Part | PF Joint Declaration Form Download

Do you wish to update your PF account name since it differs from your Aadhaar information? Do you want to correct or update your date of birth because it was recorded wrongly in your EPF account? If you want your gender on your EPF account to be altered. If your father’s name is misspelled in the EPFO database, you’ll need to update/correct it in your PF account. Hundreds of thousands of people want to make changes to their PF accounts. This article will help you to solve your queries about correcting your PPF form. Furthermore, you are reading the correct article. This post will explain the PF Correction Form, the process of changing your EPF name and correcting your PF account.

Issue Caused by Incorrect PF Account Credentials

Due to a discrepancy in name, date of birth, or other information, many EPF members experience additional delays and inconveniences while withdrawing their funds. When your EPF Account credentials are incorrect and do not match your Aadhaar details. This could lead to a lot of problems when it comes to PF withdrawals or online PF transfers.

So, if your EPF account has a minor name or date of birth mismatch, have it fixed as soon as possible.

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Correction of the EPF UAN

You can update/change your name, date of birth, and gender in your PF account both online and offline. The following is a step-by-step guide to changing your EPF name online. Also, how do you update your name, date of birth, and gender in your PF account, both online and offline?

How Do I Update My PF Account Online With My Accurate Name, Date Of Birth, And Gender?

You can now update/change your name, date of birth, and gender via online mode. These adjustments can be made through the UAN member site. According to Aadhaar, you can change your name, date of birth, and gender in your EPF UAN online.

You cannot modify these details if your Aadhaar is linked and verified (DEMOGRAPHIC) with your UAN. You will receive a text message that says, “Aadhaar has already been verified.” Your information is not editable.” The message is seen in the screenshot below.

PF Correction Form

Requirements to Make Changes in PF Account Online

To make adjustments to your PF account online, you must meet certain requirements.

You can make modifications online if you have the four items listed below.

1. A UAN that is active

2. Use of the centralized member portal

3. You must have an Aadhaar number.

4. Your employer must submit your request to EPFO online.

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Procedure for PF Correction Form Online

The process of upgrading the EPF is divided into three stages.

1 – An EPF member’s request for an update,

2 – The employer’s approval and

3 – The EPFO field office’s procedure

Online EPF UAN Correction Process

The EPF member must take the following steps:

  1. Go to the UAN member portal
  2. Enter your UAN number and password to log in.
 EPF UAN Correction Process
  • Once you’ve logged in, navigate to the dashboard’s “Manage” tab. Then select “BASIC DETAILS” option.
PF Correction Form
  • On the next screen, input your correct information as it appears on your Aadhaar records (the system will cross-check the given information against UIDAI – Aadhaar Data).
PF Correction Form

5. To send your correction request, click the “Update Details” option.

6.  When you click the “Update Details” option, your request for a change is sent to the employer for approval. It must be approved by your employer. You can cancel your update request before the employer approves it by clicking the “Delete Request” option.

EPF UAN Correction Process Employee Part

Your employer will follow the steps outlined below after you have successfully submitted your rectification request.

1. Your employer will access the Unified Portal’s Employer Interface.

2. By selecting “Member>Details Change Request,” the employer can see the changes you’ve requested.

3. The employer can see the online requests you’ve made and take the appropriate action by making the appropriate comment.

4. After the request has been approved, the employer can examine the most recent status of the request.

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Online EPF UAN Correction: What to do at the EPFO Field Office

Following your employer’s approval of your correction request, the EPFO field office will follow the steps outlined below.

1. Once your request has been granted by your employer, it will display as a task in the Dealing Hand login of the involved EPFO office in the Unified Portal’s Field Office Interface.

2. Dealing Hand can log in to his/her account and open the online change requests by selecting “Member>Details Change Request” from the “Member>Details Change Request” menu.

3. Dealing Hand delivers his/her recommendations to the Section Supervisor after suitable verification.

4. At this level, the Dealing Assistant can approve or reject your modification request by selecting the relevant button and adding appropriate remarks.

5. The Section Supervisor can now make his or her recommendations to the Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner (APFC) or Regional Provident Fund Commissioner (RPFC).

6. Finally, the case can be approved or rejected by the APFC/RPFC.

How Can You Change Your Name or Make a Correction in Your EPF Account When You’re Offline?

You can also go the offline route and make changes to your PF account. Here is the comprehensive offline process for changing and correcting your PF name in your EPF account.

A joint declaration from EPF from you and your employer is required for the offline mode of EPF account correction. The EPFO receives the EPF joint declaration form together with the necessary supporting papers. Once the correction form is submitted, the requested correction will be done.

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PF Correction Form to Change or Correct Name

The EPF joint declaration form must follow a specific format (PF name correction form). The EPF Correction Form (PF Joint Declaration Form) is a letter-format document. As illustrated in the image below, an example EPF name change/correction form (PF Correction Form) is available.

Change or Correct Name

You must fill out the address of the Regional PF Commissioner, your name, and the name of your company on this PF joint declaration form. You must also complete the form with the right and incorrect information. Only fill in the columns that require correction. All other columns should be left blank.

Finally, sign it and write your name on it. Now, have it signed by your company’s authorized signatory along with the seal.

Corrections Allowed by this Form

This form can be used to make the following six corrections.

1. Name

2. Father or Husband Name

3. PF or EPS account number

4. Date of birth

5. Date of joining

6. Date of leaving

Documents Supporting a Name Change in An EPF Account

Any of the following documents may be used as supporting documentation.

1. PAN Card

2. Driving license

3. Voters Identity Card

4. Aadhaar Card

5. Ration card

6. ESIC Identity Card

7. Passport

8. Post Office Passbook or Bank Passbook copy

9. Certificate issued by Registrar of Birth and Death.

10. Any school or education certificate

11. A copy of the claimant’s electric, water, or telephone bill.

12. Certificate based on the service records of the Central or State Govt. Organization.

13. A letter from a recognized public authority or public servant confirming the EPFO member’s identification and domicile to the competent authority’s satisfaction.

EPF UAN Correction Offline

The steps involved in changing or correcting your name on your PF account

1. First of all you need to download the Correction Form at

2. Fill in the required information.

3. Put your signature on the completed form.

4. Have it signed and stamped by your company’s authorized signatory.

5. With the application, include a self-attested copy of the requisite proof.

6. Your employer will now forward your application to the regional PF commissioner.

7. You will receive an acknowledgment that you may use to track the status of your request.

Check Your PF Account For Your Name And Date Of Birth

Login to the UAN Member site to check your name and date of birth in your PF account online. You can also get a copy of your EPF passbook, which includes your name and birth date. In your PF passbook, look for any errors in your name or date of birth.

Name Correction after Marriage

Sometimes it happens, that you have to change your surname because of your marriage. Now in this case, if you want to change your EPF details, then you have to with an application form and submit it to the EPFO. In case, you have changed your details in the bank account, then you must provide the same bank details and other details while updating the EPFO data.


Which type of corrections are allowed in the form?

You can change Name, Father or Husband Name, PF or EPS account number, Date of birth, Date of joining, and Date of leaving

Can I correct my form through an offline process?

Yes, you can correct your form through an offline process.

What steps do I need to follow to correct my form online?

To correct the form online read the process above given in this article

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