Kite Zerodha Login | Zerodha Demat Account Login – Kite App Dashboard [Step by Step]

Kite Zerodha Login | Kite Zerodha Sigh up | Zerodha Demat Account Login | Kite Zerodha App Dashboard | How to Buy Zerodha Kite Shares

As a new Zerodha user or trader, you may be perplexed by the trading platforms, functionality, and features available. This article will show you how to do Zerodha Kite Login and much more.

Zerodha, like any other stockbroker, offers stock trading through its trading platforms, which include the Zerodha Kite trading platform, the Zerodha Kite Mobile App, and the Zerodha Console.

“Note-: your Zerodha Kite Login is your Zerodha client id, which you will get via email along with an initial password from Zerodha. Contact Zerodha Customer Care if you do not receive it within the specified time frame.

Kite Zerodha Login

Zerodha Kite Login

If you’re already a Zerodha customer, you should download Zerodha Kite, the company’s incredibly efficient mobile trading tool.

It’s no surprise that the app puts trading at your fingertips. It provides a rather unique experience to its consumers, with features such as real-time data and charts analysis.

But do you really understand how to get the most out of the app?

Well! If not, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with a step-by-step tutorial to get the most out of the app.

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Let’s get started!

Enter your Zerodha id and Zerodha password to access the Zerodha Kite Login (mobile). For authentication, you will be required to create a PIN.

  • You’ll be routed to the “watchlist” section after you enter and confirm the PIN (you can have 5 watchlists at a time each of which can include up to 50 stocks and indices)
  • You can add a stock to your watchlist by typing its initials or name into the search box and then selecting the “+” option next to it.
  • Stocks can be grouped together in watchlist 1, indices in watchlist 2, and derivatives (futures and options) in watchlist 3 as needed.
  • To remove a stock from your watchlist, press and hold it, then tap the “delete icon” next to it. Finally, click on save.

The “orders” area of the Kite mobile app has the “pending,” “executed,” and “GTT” components.

All unexecuted/pending orders are displayed in the “pending” section, all executed/completed orders are displayed in the “executed” segment, and all delivery orders are displayed in the “GTT” segment, as the name implies.

Good Till Triggered – When a trader wishes to invest in a stock and hold it rather than buying it right once, he or she uses Zerodha’s GTT orders.

The “portfolio” section is where you can see your “holdings” and “positions.”

Under “holdings,” you may see all of your current holdings or the equities you’ve bought for investment.

You can see all of your currently held stock positions under “positions.”

The fourth section is “apps,” where you can see and learn about all of Zerodha’s trading applications.

You may not only look at the broker’s various platforms and tutorials, but you can also see which Zerodha apps you own or utilize.

“Account” is the fifth and last portion.

You can view/edit your profile information, alter your app settings, add and withdraw funds, and access your Zerodha Console in this section.

To transfer funds from Zerodha to your trading account, click “funds.” Enter the amount to be transferred, choose a payment method (Google Pay, UPI, or Net Banking), and confirm the transaction.

Withdrawing funds from your Zerodha account to your bank account follows a similar procedure. Simply enter the amount to be withdrawn and confirm the transaction. Make sure the withdrawal amount does not exceed the balance in your account.

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Zerodha Kite Web and How to Use

Use the KIte web, Zerodha’s online trading website, if you prefer trading on a laptop or desktop. Take the following steps:

  • To begin, go to and create an account.
  • To do so, enter the client id and password issued by Zerodha. In Zerodha Kite, you can change your password and login with the new reset password.
  • Finally, input your Zerodha trading PIN to gain access to your account.
  • Up to five watchlists are allowed on Zerodha.
  • Enter the stock name/initials under “search,” click on the stock, then select the “+” icon to add it to your watchlist. Individual stocks can be purchased on the NSE or the BSE.
  • Your newly added stock (on the watchlist) has a blue “buy” option and a red “sell” option.
  • If you want to buy, click the blue “buy” box at the bottom of the page, and the stock’s buy window will appear.
  • In Zerodha Kite, choose the product types CNC and MIS for delivery trade and day trading, respectively.
  • In Zerodha, choose between market, limit, stop-loss limit, stop-loss market, and IOC to make your order.
  • If and when necessary, enter the stop-loss or limit amounts.
  • When you’ve finished filling out all of the fields, click “purchase,” and your order will be placed.
  • Before 3:20 p.m., be sure you’ve squared up your position. If you choose MIS, it will be Zerodha’s intraday trading square-off time.
  • Click “Orders” from the top dashboard to see the status of your orders. It will display the details of all open and completed orders.
  • If you want to change something about your open order, right-click it in the order book and choose “edit” from the drop-down menu.
  • You may change the price and quantity here.
  • You may also exit open orders by right-clicking and selecting exit 
  • You can see your current positions as well as your order history under the “Positions” dash-board.

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How to Buy Zerodha Kite Shares

To place your “buy” and “sell” orders, you can use Kite’s web or mobile platform.

Simply log in to the Zerodha Kite app and visit the watchlist to purchase an order. After that, choose a stock and investigate all of the details. Choose the product type that corresponds to the type of trade you wish to conduct (Zerodha intraday trade or Delivery trade) and the order type (market order, stop loss, limit order, etc). Other order forms, such as BO, CO, and AMO, are also available.

The Kite web follows the same method. Trading, charting, and analyzing become much easier now that the desktop has a larger and better monitor.

CNC stocks are meant to be held for a long time. As a result, choosing “market” as the order type is preferable because no possibility can be foreseen precisely over a longer period of time.

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