Top Trading App in India 2023 | List of Share/Stock Market App in India (Android & iOS)

Top Trading App in India:- India has one of the highest household savings rates in the world, at over 30%. Regardless, the Indian stock market is still in its infancy. On the Indian stock exchanges, there are only about 7,800 scripts listed, and only about 3,000 of them are actively traded. (Source:  National Stock Exchange of India). The article talks about the Top Trading App in India.

Several smartphone apps, on the other hand, make trading more convenient. Some of these apps are all-encompassing, while others are specialized.

Top Trading App in India

Many people have begun investing and trading in India as a result of the pandemic and market crashes. We’ll look at some of the greatest stock trading applications in India in this article. Some are suitable for young novices, while others are suitable for experts.

When comparing the brokerage charges of India’s top stockbrokers, there isn’t much of a difference. What sets them apart is the technologies they supply to their customers. Except for day traders who require desktop-based platforms, mobile applications are sufficient for all other sorts of traders and investors on a daily basis.

They don’t have to open their laptop or desktop to check the current pricing, place an order, or do anything else. Because of technological advancements, most functions may now be performed entirely using mobile trading apps. Further details related to the Top Trading App in India is here.

Top Trading App in India 2023

The Top Trading App in India are as follows:

  • Zerodha KITE trading app
  • Upstox PRO trading app
  • Angel Broking Mobile trading app
  • 5Paisa Mobile trading app
  • IIFL Market trading app
  • FYERS Market trading app
  • MotilalOswal Trader trading app
  • Sharekhan Mobile Trading App

Zerodha KITE Trading App

Zerodha KITE is one of the Top Trading App in India. It is India’s first discount broker, and it went on to become the country’s top stockbroker, surpassing ICICI Direct and Sharekhan. They were able to accomplish this accomplishment in less than eight years because of the use of a kite and other excellent products.

The basic user interface is the best thing about KITE (UI). The software isn’t overburdened with information. This allows focusing more on the task at hand and trade without being distracted. The app is small and consumes fewer resources. When compared to the stock trading apps of other Indian stockbrokers, it is approximately a third the size!

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SegmentBrokerage Charges
Equity DeliveryZero
Equity Intraday0.03% or Rs 20/trade whichever is lower
Equity Futures0.03% or Rs 20/trade whichever is lower
Equity OptionsRs 20/trade
Currency Fututres0.03% or Rs 20/trade whichever is lower
Currency OptionsRs 20/trade
Commodity Futures0.03% or Rs 20/trade whichever is lower
Commodity OptionsRs 20/trade

Even if you sell them in the future, the brokerage is zero. They charge Rs 20 per executed order for any other transactions, regardless of the trade amount. Click Here to Download Zerodha KITE Trading App

Zerodha KITE’s Benefits:

  • Universal instrument search for all contracts across all exchanges – NSE, BSE, and MCX – with only one click.
  • Data is being streamed live.
  • Multiple marketwatches and real-time market depths are available.
  • Advanced chart with 100+ indicators.
  • Free historical chart data for years.
  • Order types include regular, AMO, BO (Bracket orders), and CO (Cover orders).


  • ZerodhaKITE’s drawbacks include minor difficulties with editing or deleting scrips from the market watch.
  • Chart loading lags have been noted on several occasions.
Zerodha KITE Trading App

Upstox PRO Trading App

Upstox PRO is a mobile app from Upstox, another famous Indian discount broker. They used to be known as RKSV Securities and were situated in Mumbai. They have the support of well-known investors such as Mr. Ratan Tata. The brokerage fees charged by Upstox are substantially identical to those charged by Zerodha. Upstox is a new and popular Indian stock broker that offers entirely free equities investments and only ₹20 per order for intraday transactions.

Their stock trading app is one of the well-designed on the market, with a fantastic look and feel. Even inexperienced traders will have no trouble learning and comprehending their trading app.

They are new and youthful, and their approach is highly aggressive. Existing customers, on the other hand, have a lot of issues regarding their customer service.

Advantages of the Upstox Stock Trading App

  • With their mobile app, they have greater technology and a better experience.
  • The procedure of creating an account is simple.
  • Better client service on a new platform.
  • Intraday trades are only Rs.20 per order.

Drawbacks of the Upstox Stock Trading App

  • Upstox Pro’s drawbacks include the lack of a back office app.
  • The app does not allow you to check the data of your linked bank account.
  • It’s a little difficult to move from one option to the next.
Upstox Stock Trading App

Angel Broking Mobile Trading App

Angel Broking appears to be one of the most popular and top stock trading houses in India today, with over 1 million delighted customers (as claimed). In five simple steps, you may open a DEMAT account in about 15 minutes. Their trading platform is a fantastic value add, according to many veteran traders. They have a lot of videos, webinars, and online seminars on how to use their platform for trading.

Angel Broking has been in the broking business for almost 30 years. They provide a variety of services to their consumers, including brokerage, insurance, and mutual funds, among others.

Prior to 2019, they used a full-service model in which they charged a percentage of the transacted value. They’ve now lowered the fees and are using a discount brokerage approach.

SegmentBrokerage Charges
Equity DeliveryZero
Equity IntradayRs 20/Trade
Equity FuturesRs 20/Trade
Equity OptionsRs 20/Trade
Currency FututresRs 20/Trade
Currency OptionsRs 20/Trade
Commodity FuturesRs 20/Trade
Commodity OptionsRs 20/Trade

Benefits of Angel Broking Mobile Trading App

  • Streaming Market Watch allows you to view various indexes with real-time pricing.
  • Intraday charts and news, as well as live updates on the top gainers and losers.
  • Make your own device watchlists.
  • Directly from the app, you may access the last 10 transactions for Ledger, DP, and Funds reports.
  • From a single location, you can transfer funds and securities.

Angel Broking App’s Drawbacks:

The user interface isn’t very inviting.

The app is more than 22MB in size, which is on the larger side when compared to other apps.

Offer: For accounts started in the online mode, the account opening cost is currently free. In addition, the first year’s Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC) is waived.

5Paisa Mobile trading app

5 Paisa is a stock trading platform that has recently made a lot of buzz in the business. This software is a hot favorite among novice traders who are new to stock trading because of the inexpensive brokerage charges (10 Rs each transaction). When compared to Kite by Zerodha, some customers feel that their mobile trading platform is superior.

The best part about it is that it has a guest login option. Without creating an account with them, one can test out their features (which are, of course, limited).

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Benefits and Advantages of 5 Paisa Stock Trading

  • Per order, there is a set cost (10 Rupees per transaction)
  • Brokerage costs are only 10 Rupees.
  • Opening a Demat and trading account is completely free.
  • All segment brokerage is charged at a set rate of ten rupees.
  • In comparison to Zerodha, the mobile trading app is superior.
  • The procedure of creating an account is simple.

5Paisa Mobile App Drawbacks

  • The app requires a fast internet connection, especially when loading charts. As a result, it may not be suited for users with slow internet connections.
  • There are no candles with a 15-minute duration.
5Paisa Mobile App

IIFL Market Trading App

Zee Business Awards awarded the IIFL Markets app the best mobile app for stock markets. This app, which was launched by India Infoline Ltd, one of India’s largest brokerage businesses, allows registered consumers to trade instantly. India Infoline is a well-known full-service stockbroker in India that has been in operation since 1995. You can access IIFL’s own equity research papers, receive price notifications, and customize your watchlist. You can also ask for assistance right from the app.

IIFL is a good option for anyone looking for more research and advice. As a full broker, IIFL provides individualized assistance to each of its clients. However, when compared to bargain brokers like Zerodha, the brokerage fees are greater.

Benefits of IIFL Market Trading App

  • Information about the stock is available with a single tap. All of India’s major financial markets are represented, including the BSE, NSE, NCDEX, and MCX, as well as gainers and losers and a variety of other data sets.
  • Buzz: Get the most up-to-date information and live market updates with a one swipe.
  • Multiple watchlists that can be customized: It is customisable and can handle numerous categories such as options, futures, cash, and currency in the same watchlist.
  • Stock recommendations that are backed up by research and a thorough stock analysis. Stock recommendations that can assist you in making a better selection

Drawbacks of IIFL Market Trading App

  • The app is set to logout after 15-20 minutes of inactivity — which is quite unpleasant at times.
  • The software does not allow users to purchase NCDs or bonds.
IIFL Market trading app

FYERS Market trading app

FYERS is a discount stock broker in Bangalore. They launched their business later than other discount brokers, therefore they missed out on the first-to-market chance. But it hasn’t stopped them from creating one of India’s best mobile trading apps. They’ve focused their efforts and resources on developing a top-notch mobile trading app.

Drawbacks of FYERS Market Trading App

  • The broker does not update the app very frequently, and
  • There is no price alert option available.

Benefits of FYERS Market Trading App

  • EOD Charts from the Past 20 Years
  • Intraday Charts over the Past 9 Months
  • Templates for indicators for user ease
  • Options Calculator with several watchlists, stock screeners, and heat maps
FYERS Market

Motilal Oswal Trader Trading App

Motilal Oswal (MOSL) is another significant stock broker in India, with a robust network of over 1700 branches and sub-brokers. They offer a diverse range of products, including equities, mutual funds, bonds, life insurance, initial public offerings (IPOs), currency, and portfolio management services (PMS). They devote a significant portion of their earnings to research (about 10%), and as a result, their research publications are regarded as excellent.

If you’re new to the stock market and need some assistance, Motilal Oswal is a good option if you don’t mind paying a little extra in brokerage. When compared to inexpensive brokers, the brokerage is once again quite high.

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MOSL Mobile App Drawbacks

  • The app interface isn’t changed very often.
  • In comparison to other brokers, the charting is below average.

MOSL Mobile App Benefits

  • My wallet gives you a single view of your orders, positions, and limitations.
  • On the Get Quote page, you’ll get detailed information about the firm you searched for on the NSE and BSE.
  • Market screeners assist you in identifying stocks that are currently trending.
  • Trade guidance signal, Option Writer, Option Decoder, and ACE are all algo-based products.
  • Multiple orders can be placed with a single click using the bulk order functionality.
MOSL Mobile

Share Khan Mobile Trading App

Sharekhan is a well-known broker in India, and chances are you’ve seen one of their locations in your city or town. However, its brokerage is a major source of concern. The standard brokerage plan is highly expensive, and delivery brokerage is charged at 0.10 percent.It’s extraordinary! One must pay Rs 10,000 to purchase Rs 10 lakh worth of shares and another Rs 10,000 to sell them. While at Zerodha, the identical operation can be completed with zero brokerage. However, in terms of features, Sharekhan Pro is without a doubt one of the greatest stock market apps in India. A single software can be used to accomplish several tasks.

Benefits of Share Khan Mobile App

  • More time frames and improved live charts (Renko, Line, Candlestick, Bar, Area) (ranging from 1 minute to 1 year).
  • Place a variety of orders, such as a normal order, a sell against margin (SAM) order, a big trade, a big trade plus order, and a bracket order (BO)
  • Financial data, portfolios, watchlists, mutual funds, MarketWatch, reports, IPOs, indices, market figures, and share market news are all available.
  • SIPs can be created, paused, and modified at any moment.

Share Khan Mobile App Drawbacks

  • The app only shows one BID/ASK rate, compared to five in other apps, and the amount of bid/ask is not offered.
  • The balance of the EQ ledger cannot be viewed in the app.
  • The app does not allow you to place an after-market order (AMO).
Share Khan

Points to Consider while Evaluating App Compatibility with Your Mobile Phone in India

  • Check which Android and iOS versions the app supports. You may need to update your phone if you have an older version.
  • Number of App Downloads: Check the number of app downloads on the Google Play Store and the Apple iPhone App Store. It is an indirect approach of determining which trading app is the most popular in India.
  • If you utilize any indicators or studies for technical analysis, verify that the app supports them.
  • User Reviews: Visit the Play Store to read user reviews. Look into the issues that people are having. However, be cautious that some brokers may attempt to influence the ratings by offering false positive reviews.

Top Trading App in India FAQ’s

What is the definition of a trading app?

A trading app is a kind of software designed for Android and/or iOS users that aids in the execution of buying and sell transactions on stock exchanges.

What benefits can we get if we use a trading app?

Trading Apps give traders who are on the go the majority of the time more mobility. Traders and investors do not have to spend all of their time in front of computers observing the market. They can keep an eye on their portfolio and, if necessary, make trades.

Why is Zerodha KITE India’s top trading app?

When it comes to crucial performance metrics like functionality, speed, resource usage, usability, and reviews, Zerodha Kite outperforms any other mobile trading software from rival brokers. It has both simple and advanced functionality, such as portfolio tracking and chart trading.

Which of the trading apps is best for investors?

IIFL Markets is best suited for investors, as resource reports and other investment items are conveniently accessible through the app.

Which trading app has the most downloads?

Zerodha Kite is India’s most popular trading app, with over 50 lakh downloads on Google Play, and has been the No. 1 choice of traders for several years.

Which trading app is the best for newbies?

Both Zerodha Kite and Upstox Pro are fantastic trading apps for novices because they are clutter-free and easy to use while requiring minimum resources.

Can trading apps be used to invest in international markets?

Yes. However, if you want to trade internationally, you’ll need to open a separate account with a business-like Vested.

Is it possible to open a Demat account via a mobile app?

Yes, certain trading apps allow you to open an account on your mobile device, but you’ll normally have to do it offline by emailing the necessary KYC documents and applications.

Which are the Top Trading App in India?

The Top Trading App in India are here :
Zerodha KITE trading app
Upstox PRO trading app
Angel Broking Mobile trading app
5Paisa Mobile trading app
IIFL Market trading app
FYERS Market trading app
Motilal Oswal Trader trading app
Sharekhan Mobile Trading App

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