How To Buy Paytm Soundbox Online | Paytm 2.0 Voice Box Order Pricing

Buy Paytm Soundbox Online:- Paytm has announced a deal for its Soundbox service. Merchants and business owners can get Paytm Soundbox for free right now thanks to the present deal. Today in this article, we will explain to you how to Buy Paytm Soundbox Online

 Buy Paytm Soundbox

Buy Paytm Soundbox Online

The device is available at a 40% discount on the digital financial services platform, bringing the price down to Rs 299. Additionally, merchants that complete 50 transactions in a month will receive a guaranteed reward of Rs 60. The payback will be available for a five-month period. When the discount and cashback are added together, the effective price of the Paytm speaker (as it is often known) is zero rupees.

The promotion is valid for all businesses all over the country. Paytm said in a statement that “the business believes that this incentive will enable small retailers across the country to adopt digital transactions and start accepting and conducting online purchases.”

Paytm Soundbox assists merchants in keeping track of all transactions and protects them from being misled by clients who display fraudulent screens and confirm purchases with bogus confirmations. In India, the device is offered in a variety of regional languages.

Paytm Soundbox

The Paytm SoundBox is a little speaker that does not come for free. Interested merchants must purchase it from Paytm for a little cost.

It also has a barcode that can be scanned to make payments using any UPI software, such as Google Pay. It states “Received Rs. 100 successfully” if a user makes a payment of Rs. 100.


How do I change the audio box on my Paytm account?

Under the main Settings menu, click Payout Settings, then ‘Change’ in the Bank Details area. Then follow the on-screen instructions. Your bank account will most likely be adjusted practically instantly.

What is the procedure for returning my Paytm sound box?

Please contact us at if you have any questions. Please include a photo and video of the damaged pieces, as well as a description of the damage. Our executive will assist you with the procedure of replacement. Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Is it possible to change the language of the Paytm Soundbox?

We currently do not have a mechanism in place to change the language thereafter. A soundbox notification will be sent to you in the language you chose when ordering/purchasing the device. We currently do not have a mechanism in place to change the language thereafter.

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