Google Pay Per Day Transaction Limit | Google Pay UPI Payment Limit

Google Pay Per Day Transaction Limit | Google Pay Transaction Limit Per Month | Google Pay UPI Payment Limit | How does Google Pay Works

India’s digital transition has resulted in more straightforward lifestyles. It makes money transactions safe and easy to transfer, in addition to being high-tech. Money can be sent and received from the convenience of one’s own home or office. In India, the online transfer system is well-received because it ensures that citizens’ money is safe and secure. Google has released a number of Google apps that are simple to use on mobile devices. Today, Google offers a one-of-a-kind software called Google Pay, which is a digital wallet with a variety of capabilities. However, the app is subject to a number of restrictions, one of which is a transaction limit. Users must know how much money they can send with Google Pay. Read more about Google Pay Per Day Transaction Limit

Google Pay Per Day Transaction Limit

How does Google Pay Works?

In India, digital wallets are the next big thing, as more people invest in using platforms to transact. Users of Google Pay may instantly send, receive, and make payments using the app. The app is linked to your bank account, which deducts payments when shipping or purchasing products. Both Android and iPhone smartphones are supported by the app. You can also pay your bills and recharge your prepaid phones. But there is a Google Pay Daily Transaction Limit on payment transfer.

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Google Pay Per Day Transaction Limit

  • Google Pay has a daily limit of one Lakh Rupees across all UPI apps. Users of Google Pay are limited to sending money through the UPI.
  • Users can transfer money no more than ten times each day.
  • The user cannot transmit more than 1 lakh in a single day because the daily limit is set to 1 lakh only. The other transaction will have to wait until the next day.

Setting Up Google Pay for Mobile Devices

There is no service fee for using the Google Pay app. This draws in additional customers because it’s a terrific method to save money. Installing the app on one’s mobile is required in order to transact. Have a Google account, a working phone number, and an active bank account.

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Install Google Pay App on Android/ IOS Device

Install Google Pay App
  • After that, open the app and enter your registered phone number. It’s important to note that the phone number should be linked to a bank account.
  • Go to your Google account and sign in.
  • After that, follow the instructions on the page to link your bank account.

How do you use Google Pay (GPAY)?

You can now send and receive money from anywhere at any time after linking your bank details. Follow the instructions below to send money to your phone contact.

  • Open Google Pay on your phone or tablet.
  • Swipe up from the bottom of the page to see the information. Go to the “payment” options on the menu.
  • Choose a contact to whom you want to transfer the funds. Select “new”  and enter the contact’s name, phone number, or account number.
  • Select the pay button after you’ve chosen your contact.
  • Then, enter the amount to be transferred and select the payment method.
  • After that, pick the option “proceed to pay” and enter your UPI pin to complete the transaction.

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Can I transfer money through Google Pay without Internet?

No, to transfer money through Google Pay you need the Internet on your phone.

Can I transfer more than one lakh rupees through Google Pay?

No, there is a limit of one lakh rupees.

How many transactions can I make through Google Pay?

In a single day you the transaction limit is set to ten.

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