Axis Bank Mobile (Phone) Banking: Register & Activate, Login, Transfer Limit

Customers can benefit from the Axis Bank Mobile Banking service, which includes the convenience of quick and easy transactions. Mobile banking services can be accessed directly from the app, and no complicated registration is required. All bank savings, current, and NRI account customers are eligible for this service. Axis mobile banking offers the following services to all customers: 

  • Basic banking services
  • Personalize the interface
  • Avail retail and business loans
  • Instantly open savings account
  • Exclusive deals

All Savings Account holders who have registered for SMS Banking (excluding NRIs) will be charged Rs. 15 each quarter as of June 15, 2013. (Exclusive of taxes). You can unsubscribe at any branch or ATM; once unsubscribed, you will not be charged during the next billing period.

Axis Bank Mobile Banking

Axis Bank Mobile Banking Added Convenience

You can get account information at any time of day or night, no matter where you are. To receive account details, simply send the required keyword as an SMS to +919717000002 or 5676782*.

Axis Bank Internet Banking

Axis Bank Mobile Banking Features

Automatic Alerts and SMS Requests are two ways that Axis Bank’s SMS Banking service provides you with information.

Automatic Alerts

For all transactions made by Card/s, Internet Banking, or Mobile Banking, you will receive automatic alerts on your registered mobile number. You will receive SMS warnings for all other transactions (started by branch, system, cheque, etc.) that exceed Rs. 5,000.

All account holders who gave their mobile numbers at the time of account opening or subsequently will receive these alerts for Savings accounts with two or more holders.

Bill payments due: If you’ve set up automatic bill payments, you’ll get a text message on your phone when a bill is due.

Text Message Requests

Non- Transactional Service Request through SMS

You may check your balance, view the past three transactions, check the status of your cheques, and monitor your Demat account balances whenever you want. Simply send an SMS to the SMS Banking number +919717000002 or 5676782* with the required keyword.

You can get the following information by requesting it:

  • Balance.
  • Last three Transactions.
  • Locate the nearest ATM.
  • Customer ID.
  • Cheque Book Request.
Transactional Service Request through SMS

By sending an SMS to 5676782 or 9717000002, you may now recharge your mobile, DTH, and datacard with ease.

Benefits of Axis Bank Mobile Banking

Axis Bank Mobile Banking has the following advantages:

  • Every transaction and credit beyond a particular amount is alerted to you. Keep track of your account activity from anywhere in the world.
  • No more waiting in lines to check your accounts at the ATM.
  • Time savings: You won’t have to go to the bank or the ATM to maintain track of your account.
  • Automatic Bill Payment and Scheduled Payment Updates: Get automatic bill payment and scheduled payment updates on your phone.
  • Accessibility: Use this service from anywhere in the world, including while traveling.
  • Free of Charges: Access is completely free of charge, with the exception of SMS charges.
  • Booking services such as movie tickers, air, or train tickets is an add-on service that makes things easier and more comfortable.

Axis Bank Mobile Number Registration

How to Sign Up for Axis Bank Mobile Banking Service

To use Axis Bank’s mobile banking services, you must first register your phone number with the bank via one of the following methods:

  • Using an ATM at Axis Bank: Insert your debit card into an Axis bank ATM near you. Select ‘Registrations’ from the menu that appears after entering the PIN. After choosing the ‘Registrations’ option, a new menu will appear, from which you must choose the ‘Mobile Number Update’ option. By inputting the new number, you can update or change your registered cellphone number.
  • By visiting an Axis Bank branch: You can register or update your cellphone number by going to your nearest Axis Bank branch. To update the number, you’ll need to fill out the ‘Customer Request Form.’

Following the steps outlined below, you can enable mobile banking services after registering your mobile number with the bank:

 Axis Bank Mobile Banking App Download
  • Open the app and select ‘Login.’
  • For verification, an SMS will be issued to your registered telephone number.
  • Set your mPIN and enter your name.
  • You will be logged in to the app after setting the password.
  • You’ll be asked to verify your identity by entering your online banking login ID and password or your debit card information.
  • Select your preferred method of authentication and provide the required information.
  • You’ll be able to utilise the app and perform a variety of banking chores once you’ve entered these details.

Axis Bank Mobile Banking App Login

  • Follow the steps outlined below to log into Axis Bank’s mobile banking app:
  • From the app store, download Axis Bank’s official mobile banking app.
  • To log in, open the app and select the ‘Login’ option.
  • If you are a first-time user, you must complete the registration process.
  • You can log in to the app using your login credentials if you have previously registered with the service.

Change your Axis Bank mPIN.

All mobile transactions require a mPIN, which is a four-digit code. It is critical to change the code periodically because it is used to safeguard your transactions. To modify your mPIN, follow these steps.

  • Launch the Axis Bank mobile banking app.
  • Select ‘Settings’ from the main menu.
  • Choose ‘Change mPIN’.
  • Set the new mPIN and enter the current mPIN.
  • Your new mPIN can now be used to log in.

If you forget your mPIN and are unable to log in to the app as a result, you can resolve the problem by following these steps:

  • Open the Axis Bank app on your phone.
  • To recover your mPIN, go to the login page and select the ‘Forgot mPIN’ option.
  • After you’ve verified your information, you’ll be able to create a new mPIN.

Axis Bank Account Opening 

List of Axis Bank Mobile Apps

Axis Mobile App NameFeatures
Axis MobileComprehensive platform for retail and business loans UPI payments Exclusive deals Manage FD and RD Manage credit and debit cards Transfer funds Bill payments Mobile recharge Schedule pay/auto pay Branch and ATM locator
Axis OKOffline services Multi lingual app Balance enquiry E-statement Manage credit/debit card Mobile/DTH recharge Request for cheque book
BHIM Axis PayUPI payments Instant money transfer Online recharge Instant credit card
Axis Merchant AppPayment solution for businesses Bharat QR payments Multi lingual app SMS payments Access payment reports
Axis NETSCUREAuthentication service for secure online transactions Provides NETSCURE code for transactions
Axis Tap and PayContactless payments NFC enabled phone required Axis Visa/MasterCard only
FxConnectForex dealing platform Instant booking for Cash, Tom, SPOT, and Forward deals Instant deal confirmation

Security Measures for Axis Bank Mobile Banking

The following are some of the security measures:

Your account will remain safe even if your phone is lost or stolen because no information is stored on your SIM card or mobile phone. In the event of a missing phone, you can also call customer support to report the theft and have your IPIN deactivated.

Axis will block your IPIN if you input it incorrectly a lot of times in a row.

Do’s and Don’ts for Axis Bank Mobile Banking

Do’s and Don’ts when using Axis Bank Mobile Banking are as follows:

  • It’s best if your phone is protected by a one-of-a-kind password that only you know.
  • Make sure your password is long and contains a mix of alphanumeric and special characters.
  • To keep your password safe and secure, make sure you update it on a frequent basis.
  • If your phone is lost or stolen, notify your bank and the nearest police station as soon as possible.
  • Because you access the services while on the move, mobile banking is extremely dangerous. As a result, do not submit your information in haste for any type of transaction.
  • Other than the registered bank’s app, never reveal confidential information on any other website.
  • On your phone, do not exchange any banking information.
  • If your phone number changes, don’t forget to notify your bank right away.

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