How to Update Nominee in EPF/EPFO Account Online ?

Nominee in EPF/EPFO Account Online | How to Update Nominee in EPF/EPFO Account Online | Nominee Change Guidelines for the EPF

Initially, changing nominations was done by filling out Form 2 and sending it to the EPFO. The nomination can now be updated online using the UAN portal and the “Edit Nomination Details” option after logging in using the UAN and password. Read the article below to know about How to Update Nominee in EPF/EPFO Account Online in detail.

When you resign, retire, or die, you get your money back plus interest. Partially withdrawing funds allowed for expenses such as further education for children, home construction, marriage, medical bills, and so on.

Update Nominee in EPF/EPFO

How to Update Nominee in EPF/EPFO Account Online

Changing a nomination was done in the early days using Form 2, which was forwarded to the EPFO by the employer. The following are the steps for changing an EPF nomination online:

  • Log in to the UAN portal using your UAN (Universal Account Number) and password at
  • Under the ‘Profile‘ page on the UAN dashboard, click “Edit Nomination Data” to edit your nomination details.
  • UAN, Member ID, Name, Date of Birth, Father/ Spouse name, Establishment ID, Relationship, Date of Joining, Gender, and Marital Status are among the fields. These are pre-filled from the database and cannot be changed. Permanent Address and Present Address are the only fields on this page that can be changed. Click ‘Update‘ to make any of these addresses current.
  • When you click Update, a screen will display with a section where you can modify your family’s information. You can fill in the details and assign the corpus as well as the KYC here. The details will be populated on the EPF/EDLI section after it has been updated.
  • After you’ve filled out all of the required information, click ‘Submit’ to preserve the nomination statement. The employer might keep a printout of the amended form for their records.

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Nominee Change Guidelines for the EPF

When it comes to changing the nomination, there is no set amount of times. Nominations can be amended online according to the wishes of the member. Here are some guidelines for EPF nominations:

  • Every EPF account should have a nominee so that the money can be transferred in the event of the member’s early death.
  • There can be multiple nominees. Each nominee’s proportion of the fund can also be set by the member.
  • In the case of a family member, the family member should be nominated by the member. A non-family member will be regarded as ineligible.
  • Nominations made before to the member’s marriage will be ruled invalid if the member marries. Following a marriage, additional nominations are required.
  • Anyone can be nominated if the member does not have a family at the time of nomination. The nomination should, however, be changed to a family member once the member has a family. If a minor is nominated, the guardian should be a member of the family.
  • The maturity amount will be paid to the nominee upon the member’s death. The payout would be based on a predetermined proportion (if any).
  • If no nominations are received, the funds will be dispersed equally among family members. The major son and married daughter aren’t included in this calculation.
  • Nominees can be readily updated or nominated using the online approach at any time.

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