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The topic of obtaining the ITBP Pay Slip online and its features will be covered in this article. The ITBP Pay Slip includes all earnings and deductions based on the attendance of the employee.

Employees can access their personal information sheets by logging in to ITBP using their Login ID and password. The department head for finance got involved by granting them access to upload all of the employee’s information online. Making resources like pay slips, health cards, attendance sheets, and other things online is the task at hand.

ITBP Himveer (आईटीबीपी हिमवीर) Connect takes care of official employee Pay Slip papers. To stream information as and when needed, one must get their login validated using their employment details and pass the password. To generate payslips, you must go to the ITBP Himveer Connect office and complete an offline form.

Indo Tibet Border Police
ITBP Rescue Work

Importance of Indo-Tibet Border Police (ITBP)

The Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) is India’s primary border patrol agency for protecting its border in China-Tibet Autonomous Region. ITBP was formed during the Sino-Indian War of 1962. It was formed as one of seven armed forces of India. The role of ITBP is to

  • Check illegal immigration into India
  • Tracing any trans-border smuggling
  • To protect the northern border of India from any border violations and detecting any illegal activities
  • Maintaining peace and providing a sense of protection and security to the Indian people living in the border areas.

The information on the employees is evidence of their employment. Any modifications to the personal information column, such as Name, Date of Birth, Department Code, or anything else, may be made by going to the Himveer Connect office.

ITBP Pay Slip

ITBP Pay Slip 2022

The Login System made available by ITBP through the official website is accessed using the specified credentials. The employee must first obtain their login information from the ITBP division and store it for later use. Visit the official ITBP login page to access the monthly Salary Pay Slip. To download ITBP Payslip without wasting time, follow the instructions below.

Open a browser and type into the search bar.

  • Select Personal Login 2 from Login by going there.

View the Himveer Personal Login page by choosing Personal Login 2.

  • Password and Username for Login are required.

In the columns provided, type your PIS login username and password.

  • Type Captcha.

Enter the Captcha Code after verifying it in the box next to it.

  • Press “Submit.”

Wait for the ITBP Personal Account to appear before clicking the Submit button.

  • Find Salary Slip.

View the Salary Slip displayed on the window and check your information.

  • Download the ITBP Pay Slip (आईटीबीपीवेतनपर्ची).

Use the Himveer Login Page to print Pay Slip or  Download or simply Print it.

This completes the process for obtaining an ITBP pay slip through your Himveer Connect login profile. This could serve as official documentation of your employment. Please double-check your login information because three incorrect login attempts will result in a 24-hour account suspension. Only after 24 hours or by contacting customer services is this account able to be unblocked.

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ITBP List of Ranks

ITBP Rank is dependent on the Position an Employee Holds, hence the positions listed below are those that are deemed to be Rank-Wise. The paycheck of each employee will be put into their respective bank accounts in accordance with the positions listed below.

  • Officers
  • Subordinate officers,
  • Under officers.
  • Director General
  • Additional Director General
  • Inspector General
  • Deputy Inspector General
  • Additional Deputy Inspector General
  • Commandant
  • Second-in-command
  • Deputy Commandant
  • Assistant Commandant
  • Subedar Major
  • Subedar/Inspector
  • Sub Inspector
  • Assistant Sub Inspector
  • Head Constable
  • Constable

How to Use Himveer Login to Reset the ITBP Pay Slip Password

Employees can reset their passwords online if they’ve forgotten them or their login information. You don’t need to go to the Himveer office to alter your credentials because any employee whose phone is registered with ITBP Himveer can do it just online. The step-by-step procedure that will enable you to update the password on your ITBP Pay Slip is provided below.

ITBP Pay Slip
  • Select the Reset Password link located beneath the Login button.
  • After the new page has loaded, fill out the fields on the screen.
  • Type the security question after entering the regimental number.
  • You chose to answer this security question when you get registered.
  • Type the registered mobile number for the ITBP Pay Slip department.
  • Next, select the Reset Password button at the bottom of the page.
  • The employee will now be taken to a new tab to update their password.
  • This can be possible only once correct details are filled in columns.
  • Confirm the password reset by typing it twice.

That’s all; your new password for the ITBP Pay Slip has been successfully changed. You can check this by utilizing the aforementioned Himveer internet login procedure. To prevent any further mistakes, make sure you register yourself with accurate information.

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ITBP Pay Slip Download

I assume you are aware that the Indo-Tibetan Border Police is under the control of the Indian Central Government. Employee pay scales increased with the publication of the 7th Pay Commission of India, and employees of the Central Government are eager to check their updated salaries as well as any increases in their other sections.

Pay Scale is allocated according to ITBP rank and is included in the ITBP Pay Slip. Based on their salaries, the four bands of the ITBP Pay Scale are allocated.

a salary for an Indo-Tibetan Border Police officer dependent on their working hours and location. Employees working in office locations receive different compensation than those who are posted in border or remote areas. The salary slip also undergoes a significant alteration as a result, which must be viewed.

In the ITBP department, there are 14 ranks that determine an employee’s pay scale. This ranking is determined by the employee’s personal information and rank, which ranges from RS 6460 to RS 80,000. The salary slip for ITBP employees has seen numerous changes as a result of Pay Scale, Grade Pay, Total and Basic Pay depending on Rank, and the Seventh Pay Commission. Employees are urged to review their pay stubs soon.

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