CSB Bank Mobile Number Registration | CSB Bank Mobile Number Change Form

CSB Bank Mobile Number Registration | CSB Bank Mobile Number Change Form | CSB Bank Balance Check Number

Many of the bank’s customers now use mobile banking as a service. As a result, practically every bank offers services including phone banking and online banking. Users’ banking experiences are often made easier by allowing them to do transactions over the internet or over the phone. It is now required that you register your cell phone number with your bank in order to use online banking services. Many customers have inquired about how to do CSB Bank Mobile Number Registration with CSB bank. There could be a variety of reasons for you to change your current mobile number. Even so, it’s critical to retain your current phone number on file with the bank in order to receive important service communications.

When opening a bank account, you can always register your phone number. The procedure of changing your phone number, on the other hand, entails a few steps that must be followed.

CSB Bank Mobile Number Registration

How to do CSB Bank Mobile Number Registration

If you wish to change your cellphone number in CSB, here are the things to take:

1. Go to your Catholic Syrian Bank home branch

You must go to your Catholic Syrian Bank (CSB) home branch, which is the branch where you started your account. Carry the relevant bank and identity proof documents, such as your passport, Pan Card, and Adhaar Card, with you when you visit the branch.

2. Get a Customer Request Form

After visiting your local branch, request a KYC Details Change Form from a bank official. You can also obtain a copy of the CSB bank customer request form by visiting their website.

3. Complete the Customer Request form

After carefully reading the form’s instructions, begin filling out the KYC information Change form. Here are the credentials you’ll need to complete the form: Account number, account type, and your name (essentially, the account holder’s name). Tick the field you want to modify (in this case, it’s the mobile number) and type in your new phone number.

CSB Bank Account Opening

4. Submit the form

Once you’ve finished filling out the form, hand it over to a bank representative along with photocopies of any required documents. Check that all of the information on the form is correct.

5. Obtain a bank executive’s acknowledgment

The bank executive must validate the paperwork and ensure that all of the information you gave is correct. It may take some time for this process to complete. The bank executive will offer you an acknowledgment once the verification is completed.

6. Processing your request

After the CSB has completed the verification procedure, your request will be processed. It’s possible that the procedure of updating will take some time. Your mobile number will be changed in their database, which includes bank information, once the processing is completed.

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