Corporation Bank Net Banking Login & Registration, Benefits, App Download

Corporation Bank Net Banking Registration | Corporation Bank Net Banking Login | Daily Transaction Limit and Charges for Corporation Bank Net Banking

Customers of Corporation Bank can access numerous banking services from the convenience of their home or workplace thanks to Corporation Bank Net Banking, the company’s online banking service. The procedure to use this service is simple.

Corporation Bank Net Banking

Customers of Corporation Bank, now known as Union Bank, have access to a variety of options for internet banking that is available around the clock. For everything from fund transfers to the ordering of internet tickets for a vacation, everything is accessible from anywhere in the world.

Corporation Bank Net Banking

Corporation Bank Net Banking Features and Advantages

The following list summarises the key advantages and characteristics of Corporation’s Bank’s net banking service:

  • Online account information, including the amount and different transactions, is available online.
  • The email ID can be used to send and download account statements.
  • Information about any loan accounts is available online.
  • Transfers of money are permitted to one’s own accounts, other Corporation Bank accounts, and third-party accounts.
  • When funds are transferred, beneficiaries can be added.
  • You can check the payment’s status.
  • Online credit card payments are possible.
  • Online term deposits can be opened.
  • Online accounts can be set up for fixed and recurring deposits.
  • Online payment cancellation for checks is possible.
  • Demand Drafts can be requested.
  • You can ask for chequebooks.
  • Online payments for both direct and indirect taxes are possible.
  • Utility payments can be made.
  • Bus and railway tickets can be booked.
  • You can modify your password and contact information.

How can I Register for Corporation Bank Net Banking

The following describes the step-by-step process for registering or activating the Corporation Bank Net Banking service:

Customers can create their online banking user IDs and passwords using the Self-User Creation module on the bank’s official website if they have an ATM or debit card. Using this module, passwords can be generated or reset.

Those without an ATM or debit card can use the Self-Creation Module on the official website to create an online banking user ID, generate a password, or reset it. There will be no other facilities here.

Customers applying on behalf of a corporation must do so through the bank’s nearest branch.

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Change your Corporation Bank Net Banking Password

The following is a description of the password reset process:

  • Visit the Union Bank website for online banking.
Corporation Bank Net Banking Password
  • You must then select “Forgot Password.”
  • To finish the validation procedure, you must enter the account and debit card information.
  • You can modify your login and transaction passwords on the following page.

Check Balance using Corporation Bank Online Banking system

You can view the balance in each of your accounts once the login process is complete. The balances in all of the available accounts are shown on the home page of your net banking portal. You can view and download numerous transactions that have been made in different accounts under the Statement of Accounts area.

Funds Transfer via Corporation Bank Net Banking Portal

  • Transferring money is simple using Corp’s net banking platform.

People will be able to move money to both their own accounts and accounts held by other people.

  • Own Account Transfer

Corporation Bank customers can move money from one of their accounts to another within the same bank or across different branches. Own account transfers don’t require an OTP to be validated.

  • Third Party Fund Transfer

A beneficiary must be added before cash can be transferred to a third party. Beneficiaries may be added online or at a bank office. Customers of Corporation Bank must also attach their email address and mobile number to the account. It is possible to transfer money to a third party who has an account with the same bank or with a different bank. The National Electronics Fund Transfer (NEFT), Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), and Immediate Payment Services can all be used for third-party transfers (IMPS). NEFT and RTGS transfers can only be finished on bank business days, however, IMPS transfers can be finished at any time.

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Corporation Bank Net Banking Daily Transaction Limits

The table below lists the daily transaction restrictions for Corp Net users that use retail and corporate banking:

Mode of TransferTransfer AmountCharges (Per Transaction)
RTGSRs.2 lakh – Rs.5 lakhRs.25 – Rs.30
Above Rs.5 lakhRs.50 – Rs.55
NEFTUp to Rs.10,000Rs.2.50
Rs.10,001 – Rs.1 lakhRs.5.00
From Rs.1 lakh – Rs.2 lakhRs.15.00
Above Rs.2 lakhRs.25.00
IMPS via BranchP2PRs.10
IMPS via Internet BankingP2PRs.5
IMPS via SMS Banking and Mobile appNil

Credit card Payments via Corporation Bank Net Banking

Customers of Corporation Bank can now use the platform to pay their credit card bills. The procedure is quick and easy. The credit card must, however, be connected to the online banking account. To make payments on the net banking interface, customers can click the “Credit Card Payment” option under the credit card tab.

On the net banking interface, payments can be requested and their status can be viewed.


Are there any fees involved with signing up for online banking?

To sign up for internet banking, there are no registration fees.

Are there any fees associated with using internet banking?

Demand drafhts are assessed a 25% fee on top of the appropriate fees.
A service fee of Rs. 12 + service tax per ticket will be charged for the booking of railroad tickets.
Depending on the transaction amount, there are additional fees associated with RTGS transactions.

How can I find out when I last logged in?

The last login date will be shown at the top of the screen whenever you log in to your online bank account.

What IMPS operations can be carried out using internet banking?

An IMPS fund transfer can be started for person-to-person, person-to-merchant, or person-to-account transactions. Up to Rs. 50,000 may be purchased through mobile banking to use IMPS.

What taxes am I able to pay using internet banking?

The following taxes are payable:
Income tax or direct tax
Service taxes, federal central or state excise duties, value-added taxes, professional taxes, and custom duties are indirect taxes.
From July 1, 2017, a GST of 18% will be charged on all banking goods and services.

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