BHIM App Maximum Transaction Limit Per Day | BHIM UPI Limit

BHIM App Maximum Transaction Limit Per Day | BHIM App Download | BHIM UPI Limit | Biometric Payments in BHIM App

The (NPCI) National Payments Corporation of India’s BHIM app is a digital payment solution based on the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) technology. You can perform digital transactions from numerous banks using BHIM instead of using each bank’s dedicated mobile banking app. The app is presently accessible on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for Android and iOS, respectively. Today in this article, we will provide you with details regarding BHIM App Maximum Transaction Limit

BHIM App Maximum Transaction Limit Per Day

To expand its reach and accessibility to Indian users, the BHIM app now supports a variety of Indian native languages. Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Assamese, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Kannada, and Odiya are among these languages with the exclusion of English. You can use the app in any of these languages by changing the preferred language in the app’s settings to whatever language you are most comfortable with.

BHIM App Maximum Transaction Limit

Users of BHIM can transact with numerous banks through a single app, eliminating the need for several banking apps. They can only have one active bank account in the app at a time, however. You are not allowed to pay more than Rs.40, 000 each transaction, according to the rules. A daily transaction restriction of Rs.40, 000 has also been fixed. Other UPI apps, on the other hand, offer a maximum of up to Rs.1 lakh. Person-to-person (P2P) transactions are free of charge when it comes to UPI transaction fees. Transaction charges may apply to transactions between the NPCI and service providers. The app also imposes a daily transaction limit of 20 transactions per account per bank.

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Biometric Payments in BHIM App

The BHIM app has a biometric-enabled payment system that allows users to pay with their Aadhaar card information. Users can use this to identify themselves and make payments straight from their bank accounts by scanning their fingerprints at any POS terminal that supports biometrics recognition.

How to Transfer Money via Mobile Numbers or UPI ID in BHIM App

By simply providing their mobile number or UPI ID, BHIM users can send money to their contacts. Users may just plug in another person’s UPI ID and the amount they want to transfer them into the app, and the transaction will take place immediately. If they want to transmit money to someone else using their phone number, the recipient must also have a BHIM account.

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Offline Transactions through BHIM App

Users with an account on the BHIM app can make payments without using the internet. Users can accomplish this by dialing *99# on their phone and then following the on-screen instructions, which will guide them through the process of making a transaction, checking their balance, or viewing their transaction history.

No Cost to Merchants

Merchants can accept BHIM payments by providing customers with a QR code to scan. They can also acquire a fingerprint scanner for Rs 2,000, which allows them to transact without having to take their phone out. BHIM services are provided to all merchants at no additional cost, with no hidden costs, and all funds are remitted straight to their bank accounts.

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How can I increase my BHIM UPI daily transaction limit?

Wait until the date changes if you want to transfer more than ₹40,000. This restriction applies to your bank account. So, if you have multiple accounts linked to your BHIM app, you can send the excess money to another account. For fund transfers, you may also use other UPI Apps.

What is the maximum BHIM transfer amount?

For one bank account, a user can send up to Rs 40,000 per transaction and Rs 40,000 per day. This limit is available per BHIM-linked bank account.

What is the BHIM App Per Transaction Limit?

You can’t pay more than 40,000 with BHIM in a single transaction. Such a transaction would not be completed, but there would be no debit from your account.

What is the BHIM App Daily Transaction Limit?

The daily transaction limit for the BHIM app is 40,000 rupees. Wait until the date changes if you want to transfer more than ₹40,000.

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