Bandhan Bank Mobile Number Registration | Bandhan Bank Mobile Number Change Form

Bandhan Bank Mobile Number Registration | Bandhan Bank Balance Check Number | Bandhan Bank Mobile Number Change Form

For bank transactions, a mobile phone number is required. Customers can use Mobile Banking to check their online transaction data, alerts, account balance, fund transfer, ATM location, and other services if their bank has a mobile number. You must receive an OTP from your registered mobile number for each transaction. You will not receive OTP or transaction alert SMS from the bank if you have not registered a mobile phone. If you’re a Bandhan Bank customer, this article will show you how to alter or change your registered cellphone number. Bandhan Bank does not yet allow consumers to Bandhan Bank Mobile Number Registration online. However, you can do it offline. Let’s see how we can accomplish it.

Bandhan Bank Mobile Number Registration

How to do Bandhan Bank Mobile Number Registration

1. Go to a Bandhan Bank branch near you. Be prepared to present full details of your PAN card, Aadhaar card, and other identification documents for verification.

2. Request a copy of the “KYC update form” or “Mobile Number Update form” from staff. Please ask the staff if you have any queries regarding the form; they will gladly assist you, so don’t type in false info.

Bandhan Bank Net Banking

Information Included in KYC Form

  • Date, branch name
  • Account number and CIF ID
  • The account holder’s name,
  • The account type,
  • Date and Location,
  • Fill in the fields which require your signature.

3. Submit the “KYC update form” with your ID proof after completing the application. The KYC staff will thoroughly review your documents upon receipt, and after verification, your Mobile Number will be changed.”

4. Following confirmation, the bank will give you a confirmation SMS.

Bandhan Bank Mobile Number Registration using an ATM

From the preceding steps, this is an alternative approach for the number register. You can also change your phone number at an ATM. It is a simple and quick process to link a new mobile number to a Bandhan Bank account and ATM card.

Because the technique outlined below is only applicable to Old Users, let’s go over the steps.

1) Go to an ATM at Bandhan Bank.

2) Place the ATM card in the slot and enter the PIN.

3) Select the Registration option. When the machine asks you to confirm your ATM pin, type it in.

4) Now choose the option to register your phone number.

5) Choose “Change Mobile Number”.

6) Fill in your new phone number.

7) The bank sent you an OTP and a reference number.

8) Send an SMS to 567676 with the subject “Activate OTP Reference” from your new phone number.

9) Your new phone number is added to your account.

If the ATM card is activated, you can request that the cellphone number be changed.

* You only need the ATM card

* No further documentation is required

*You don’t need any bank documents (e.g., passports or driver’s licenses)

* You don’t need any documents with your photo

* You don’t need any documents with your signature

* You don’t need any documents with your full address

Bandhan Bank Account Opening 

Bandhan Bank Mobile Number Registration for SMS Banking

You must text ‘REG ACCOUNT NUMBER’ to register your mobile number for SMS Banking. After you’ve typed it in, send a text message to the bank (09223011000) from a registered phone number.

You must, however, type it correctly capitalized.

  • 09223011000 – (Register for SMS banking)
  • Type BAL and send it to 09223011000 – (check account balance)

In Case of Phone Number not Updated

If you haven’t heard back within 24 hours, return to the branch you requested and inquire about your Mobile Number change.

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