How to Add and Remove Nominee in HDFC Bank Account, Demat, PPF & Securities?

Remove Nominee in HDFC Bank Account | Add a Nominee to My HDFC Bank Account |HDFC Bank Account Statement

HDFC Bank is one of the country’s leading private sector banks. It offers a wide range of online banking services to its consumers. In this article, we’ll show you how to Add and Remove Nominee in HDFC Bank Account, Demat, PPF & Securities

How can I add a nominee to my HDFC account? How can I find out who the nominee is in my HDFC Bank Account? Read the article below to Know answers to these questions in this article

For Single Holding Savings/Current Accounts, Fixed/Recurring Deposits, use Net Banking to add or change the name of a nominee.

How to Add and Remove Nominee in HDFC

Net Banking

Nominate someone in your HDFC account online. If you are a resident individual with a single holding account and deposit with HDFC, you can update or modify your nominee online. The entire procedure is really straightforward and takes about 3 minutes to finish. The changes you make will be reflected in real-time.

To add or update the name of a nominee for your single holding savings/current accounts, fixed/recurring deposits, simply use the HDFC NetBanking tool.

Here’s how to use Net Banking to update nominee information in real-time.

How Do I Change My Nominee on My HDFC Bank Account?

Using HDFC Bank Net Banking, you can add a nominee to your HDFC Savings Account. Here’s how you may utilize NetBanking to update it right now.

  • 1. First of all, visit the official website of HDFC Bank
  • Log in to NetBanking with your login credentials, which include your User ID/Customer ID and Password.
  •  Go to the “Request” area of the Accounts menu once you’ve logged in.
HDFC Net Banking
  • Select the transaction “View / Update Nomination Details” from the “Request” section of the Accounts page.
  • View / Update Nomination Details for Savings Accounts / Current Accounts” is the first option which you need to select.
How Do I Change My Nominee on My HDFC Bank Account
  • After that, choose the account for which you want to make changes to the nominee. If the information has already been changed, you can view it here. This is how you can see who is the nominee in your HDFC Bank account.
View Update
  • You can also change the details by clicking the “Modify” option.
  • Fill in the details and click the “Confirm” tab to add a new nomination.
  • Your information is updated in real time.

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How Can I Add a Nominee to My HDFC Bank Account Without Having To Go To A Branch?

You can also update/change it by going to your local bank branch.

  • Simply stroll into an HDFC Bank branch in your area (Preferable branch where you hold the account).
  • Keep your KYC documents on you at all times.
  • Complete and submit the nomination form. Click here to access the nomination form.
  • Hand over the duly completed and signed nomination form to the bank executive, along with the KYC documents.
  • Receipts should be collected.
  • That’s all there is to it. Your account will be updated as a result.

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Points to Remember

  • If you already have a nominee in your account. To make a change to the nomination, go to the “Modify” tab and register a new one.
  • Only single holding accounts and deposits are eligible for the Online Nomination service.
  • You must contact your home branch to register a candidate for a jointly held account. The bank provides you with a nomination form that has already been filled out. Simply complete the remaining fields and download the form right away. Everyone who has a joint account should sign the form. Please submit it to your local bank branch.

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