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Interest Rates on DCB Bank Account Opening |DCB Bank Account Opening Form | DCB Bank Account Opening Minimum Balance

DCB Bank -a scheduled commercial bank is regulated by the Reserve Bank of India. The bank is professionally administered and managed with a strong network of 55 branches across 17 states and two union territories. The article will provide you with more details related to the DCB Bank Account Opening Process and other related details

DCB Bank Account Opening

Interest Rates on DCB Bank Account Opening

Savings Accounts at DCB Bank offer highly competitive interest rates. These competitive interest rates guarantee that account holders get the most out of their money. Customers who have a Shubh-Labh Savings Account earn 5.65% p.a. interest on their savings account balance.

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Types of DCB Bank Savings Account

Applicants interested in DCB Bank Account Opening will be offered these various accounts:

DCB Elite Savings Account

DCB Elite Account is a one-of-a-kind account for VIP customers. This account comes with a slew of useful features and cutting-edge services. Account-holders have the option of selecting any number as their bank account number, according to their preferences. You can choose the last eight digits of your account number, which is made up of 14 digits. You can earn up to Rs.20,000 in cashback every year in your account.

DCB Privilege Savings Account

The DCB Privilege Savings Account promises account users optimal ease, flexibility, and returns. Customers must keep a minimum balance of Rs. 5 lakhs in their accounts. However, this sum can be kept in any combination throughout his or her DCB Bank savings account, fixed deposits, and mutual funds/insurance. If you keep an average quarterly balance of Rs.50,000, you can earn up to Rs.6,000 in cashback.

DCB CashBack Savings Account

In a financial year, you can earn up to Rs. 6000 in cash back for every purchase you make with your DCB CashBank debit card. Only DCB CashBack Savings account holders are eligible for this benefit.

DCB Classic Savings Account

An account that is simple to manage, offers a long list of perks and has all of the fundamental elements of a traditional savings account. You can use this account to perform transactions with ease if you keep a minimum balance of Rs. 5000 in your account.

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DCB Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account

An account with no minimum balance requirement that is simple to maintain and use. The account includes basic banking functions and savings account options.

DCB Family Savings Account

The DCB Family Savings Account is an appropriate account for any family man. It provides a comprehensive banking solution with superior facilities across all of your family members’ accounts with the bank. This system allows for a minimum of two and a maximum of five family members to be grouped together. The DCB Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account has been amalgamated with this savings account.

DCB Shubh-Labh Savings Account

DCB Bank recognizes that opening a bank account is a joyous experience for all customers. The bank pays you with each transaction you make with this account to make the occasion even more spectacular, memorable, and profitable for customers. Maintaining an Annual Quarterly Balance of up to Rs.1 lakh might earn you up to 5.65% p.a. in your account. You can also get rewards when you use your DCB debit card, plus a 3.25 percent bonus on your savings account balance.

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Minimum Balance Requirements on DCB Bank Account Opening

The minimum balance required in each form of DCB savings account varies depending on criteria such as the savings account’s type, deposit duration, and so on. As a result, it may differ from one savings account to the next. The table below details the minimum balance needed in each type of savings account.

Type of Savings AccountMinimum Balance
DCB Privilege Savings AccountRs. 5 lakhs (in a combination across accounts)
DCB Elite AccountRs. 50,000 (average quarterly balance)
DCB Cash Back Savings Account DCB Classic Savings AccountRs. 5000 (average quarterly balance) Rs. 10,000 (average monthly balance)
DCB BSBDA Account DCB Family Savings Account (merged with BSBDA Account)No minimum balance required

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What happens if the account number I choose has already been assigned to another customer with a DCB Elite Savings Account?

Only one customer can be allocated to a single account number. If the account number you want has already been issued to another client, you can create a new account at another DCB Bank branch that has that number.

What does TRV stand for?

TRV refers to a customer’s total relationship value with DCB Bank, which is measured in rupees.

I have a CashBack Savings Account with DCB. Are all purchases made with this card considered for calculating the cashback?

Yes, during the cashback computation, all of your purchases at merchant outlets charged to this card is taken into account.

Is there a monthly minimum amount I must spend to receive rewards on my DCB CashBack Savings Account?

To qualify for the cashback, you must spend at least Rs. 800 using your DCB Platinum Debit card.

Who is eligible to be a joint applicant on my DCB Classic Savings Bank Account?

As long as the person is not a minor, you can have anyone as a joint applicant for your DCB Savings Account (i.e below 18 years of age).

What is the official website of DCB Bank

https://www.dcbbank.com/ is the official website of DCB Bank

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