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Cryptocurrency Tax Calculator | How To Calculate Tax On Cryptocurrency | Calculate Cryptocurrency Tax 2022-23

The cryptocurrency was recently mentioned in the official document released for the Indian budget in the financial year 2022 and 2023. A flat 30% tax has been imposed by the financial department authorities of the Indian Government. Given below, we are sharing some of the most important specifications of the Cryptocurrency Tax Calculator 2022-23. We will also share with you all of the specifications related to Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrency Calculations. We have also shared with you all of the specifications of the budget which has been set by the Indian Government and more announcements related to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency methods.

Cryptocurrency Tax Calculator 2022-23

Cryptocurrency has been a popular method of currency in India for a really long time and recently there was an announcement of a flat 30% tax on income from the transfer of virtual digital assets which includes cryptocurrency and NTFS in budget 2022. Crypto is given some recognition because it was mentioned in the official budget document for taxation purposes in India. The tax rate is quite high but the investors are happy that crypto was included in the official document. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has clarified that there was an imposition of tax but this has not been declared legally. There has been confusion in order to calculate the tax liability of cryptocurrency because it is definitely a confusing procedure.

Cryptocurrency Tax Calculator

What is Professional Tax

Benefits of Cryptocurrency Tax Calculator

  • There is a very easy procedure through which you will be able to calculate the cryptocurrency online and that is one of the main benefits of the online cryptocurrency tax calculators available on the internet.
  • The Cryptocurrency Tax Calculator is really simple to use and you can easily use the tax calculated from the comfort of your own houses.
  • You can easily check out the taxes available on various digital currencies including Bitcoins and dogecoins also.
  • The cryptocurrency tax calculators are really easy to take into consideration and you can calculate the tax within a matter of a few seconds.

How is the Cryptocurrency Tax Calculated?

Taking into consideration the flat 30% tax rate that you will have to give for each and every cryptocurrency you can calculate the cryptocurrency tax easily.

  • The individual will first have to deduct the purchase price from the selling price of cryptocurrencies you hold.
  • Now, you’ll need to calculate 30% of the value.
  • In addition to 30% of the tax, you also need to pay less at 4% of the tax amount.
  • You need to have one virtual digital asset and you must know the cost of accusation and sale value of the digital asset that you are holding in order to calculate the Cryptocurrency Tax.
Cryptocurrency Tax Calculator

What is Advance Tax

How to Use the Bitcoin Tax Calculator?

The ClearTax Bitcoin Tax Calculator shows the short-term capital gains and long-term capital gains in seconds.

  • You must select the nature of the acquisition.
  • Choose the holding period as less than three years or more than three years.
  • Enter the sale price of the asset.
  • You then enter the purchase price of the asset.
  • Enter the transfer expenses if any.
  • The short-term capital gains, the short-term capital gains tax, or the long-term capital gains and the long-term capital gains tax will display,


How can we calculate the taxes online for the cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin?

You can take into consideration the ClearTax cryptocurrency tax calculator for the financial years 2022 and 23. You just need the details of your cryptocurrency in order to calculate the tax easily.

What are the precautions that we need to take in order to download and calculate the cryptocurrency tax?

A flat 30% tax will be imposed on all of the cryptocurrencies as per the union budget for the financial year 2022.

Do we also have to pay the tax on the losses that we incurred by cryptocurrency?

The losses that will be arising from the transfer of the cryptocurrency will be set off against any other income and it will not be carried forward.

Do we also have to pay the taxes for the cryptocurrency that we are holding but we are not getting any profit or return from them?

The tax applicable by the Indian government will be paid only when you will have any profit against the cryptocurrency that you have bought or sold.

How to use the online cryptocurrency calculator?

You need to first visit the official website and select the nature of your accusation then you will need to choose your holding period and the sale price. Enter the purchase price and the transfer expenses to calculate your tax.

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