Baroda M-Connect Plus App Download, Benefits, Registration

Customers of Bank of Baroda can access their account information anytime and anywhere with the help of the M-connect mobile banking app. Customers can use internet banking, ATMs, bank branches, or the Baroda M-Connect Plus App to sign up for the services. Account holders of the Bank of Baroda can download Baroda M-Connect Plus App on their smartphones to make online transactions like NEFT, IMPS, UPI etc. M-connect allows Bank of Baroda customers to make payments, get information about their savings accounts, recharge mobile phones, pay utility bills, buy cinema tickets, and much more. The mobile banking service of Bank of Baroda is simple to use. Customers of Bank of Baroda can utilize the M-connect mobile banking service by registering, downloading, activating, or installing software.

Baroda M-Connect Plus App

Baroda M-Connect Plus App Features

M-connect from Bank of Baroda has the following features:

  • It is simple to use because both the registration and activation processes are straightforward.
  • Two passwords, login passwords, and mPIN are used to safeguard the login and transactions.
  • The menu is based on the icon, and the menu options are easily accessible.
  • In Windows, iOS, and Android, it only works in GPRS mode. Both GPRS and SMS modes are accessible on Java phones.

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Baroda M-Connect Plus App Benefits

M-connect from Bank of Baroda has the following advantages:

  • Financial services:
  • Transfer of funds between Bank of Baroda Savings Accounts.
  • DTH and cellphone recharge. 
  • Fund transfer to other banks using NEFT and IMPS.

Non-financial services

  • Account mini statement.
  • Account balance enquiry.
  • Stop cheque facility.
  • Transaction history.
  • Change mPIN.
  • Change login password.
  • Update e-mail ID for mobile banking.
  • Feedback.
  • Refer a friend.

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How to Register for the Baroda M-Connect Plus App

Customers can sign up for BOB’s mobile banking services in a variety of ways:

Using the Bank of Baroda’s Mobile Banking App Directly:

  • Go to the app store and download the mobile banking app.
  • Run the application and select ‘Confirm.’
  • When you click “confirm,” an SMS will be sent to your registered phone number to verify your identity.
  • Select ‘Register Now’.
  • An OTP will be sent to your phone number for verification.
  • Enter the information for your debit card.
  • You will receive the mPIN by SMS after giving all of the required information.
  • Create your own login password and application.
  • Create your own mPIN using the mPIN you received via SMS; activation is complete.

Internet Banking:

  • Go to the BOB net banking portal and log in.
  • From the ‘Quick Links’ menu, select ‘M-Connect Registration.’
  • Alternatively, go to the ‘Services’ menu and select ‘M-Connect Registration.’
  • You’ll be directed to a registration page.
  • Fill out your name, create a customer ID, and provide your phone number.
  • Enter your transaction password and user ID.
  • Enter your transaction password as well as your user ID.
  • Once you’ve entered all of your information, you’ll be able to use the bank’s mobile banking services.

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ATM of Bank of Baroda:

  • Go to a Bank of Baroda ATM near you.
  • From the menu, choose ‘M-Connect(Mobile Banking)’.
  • Select ‘Registration’ 
  • Type in your registered cellphone number.
  • Choose your account type.
  • Your registration will be complete once you’ve chosen an account type.
  • The mPIN will be sent to your registered phone number through SMS.
  • By paying a visit to a Bank of Baroda branch: To activate the services, go to your nearest Bank of Baroda branch and fill out the application form.
  • Check that all of the account and contact information is correct.

How to Use Baroda M-Connect Plus App to Login?

To log in to Bank of Baroda’s mobile banking app (BOB M-Connect), follow the steps below:

  • Go to the app store and download the app.
  • Open the app and touch the ‘Confirm’ button.
  • Your registered mobile number will be retrieved by the app. If the number is right, tap ‘Confirm.’
  • After confirmation, an OTP will be given to the phone number.
  • After confirming your OTP, you can establish your own app password.
  • Review the terms and conditions after you’ve created your password.
  • Create your mPIN after agreeing to the terms and regulations.
  • In the first field, enter the mPIN you got by SMS.
  • In the second field, type a new mPIN and confirm it.
  • The activation of your mobile application will take place.
  • Use the new credentials to log in.

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Reset mPin for Baroda M-Connect Plus App

Any of the following modes can be used to change the BOB M-Connect mobile banking mPIN:

  • By visiting a Bank of Baroda branch: You can change your existing mPIN by going to your nearest Bank of Baroda branch. You will be required to give information such as your account and contact information. You will be given the mPIN after providing all of the required information.
  • By visiting a Bank of Baroda ATM: Go to a Bank of Baroda ATM near you. Insert your debit card and select ‘Forgot login password/mPIN’. You will receive the new mPIN on your mobile phone through SMS after verifying the required details.
  • When you initially log in to Bank of Baroda’s mobile banking app, you’ll be given the chance to alter your mPIN. Aside from that, you can alter your mPIN by heading to the app’s settings section.

List of Bank of Baroda Mobile Apps

App NameFeatures
M-Connect PlusFund transfers Managing FD and RDAadhaar update Transaction HistoryBill payments Bank statement Savings account transfer request
Baroda mPassbookSynchronises transaction updates whenever opened Acts as a digital passbook and Shows all account details
Baroda m-InvestProvides assistance on investments KYC RegistrationOnline investment manager Track investments
BHIM Baroda PayPayments app for BoB customers and non-BoB customers24x7 funds transfer UPI payment

Precautionary Measures while using Baroda M-Connect Plus App

  • Do not save your m pin anywhere on your phone.
  • Do not share your password with anyone.
  • Your m pin must be easy to remember so that you need not to run further if you forget it.
  • Keep changing your password frequently to avoid any fraud.
  • Do not share any OTP or your bank account details with anyone because Bank does not require your pin or account number.
  • If you noticed any unnecessary activity on your m Connect Plus, immediately activate your account

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