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Fi is a neobank, or online banking platform, that aims to revolutionize the Indian banking experience. The Fi account, in collaboration with Federal Bank, is a digital bank account that allows you to open a bank account online in the quickest time possible. Fi is powered by cutting-edge technology and assists you in getting to know your money, growing your funds, and organizing your cash. Fi is not a bank, and it does not possess or claim to possess a banking license. Read below to check the detailed information related to Fi Debit Card like Highlights, Objectives, Transaction Limits, Features, Charges, and much more. 

Fi Debit Card – Comprehensive Details

With features to optimize each action, users can do everything from the Fi App, such as peer-to-peer payments, money transfers, bill payments, and more. You’ll also receive a Fi Card, as well as spending insights and tools to help you grow your money and earn incentives.

Fi Debit Card

Enable International Transaction on SBI

Objectives of Fi Debit Card

The main objective of Fi is to keep track of all of your financial transactions and ensure that your privacy is never compromised.

Designed entirely from the scratch

If you don’t understand how something works, it’s difficult to secure it. That’s why the authorities have built Fi from the scratch, with no shortcuts.

Collaboration with a bank regulated by the RBI

Through our collaboration with the Reserve Bank of India -licensed Federal Bank, users can access Fi’s Savings Account and VISA debit card.

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Fi Works Best to Keep Your Money Safe

Fi partner bank manages your Fi Savings Bank Account and Visa Card and adheres to all RBI guidelines. Your funds are always safe with Federal Bank, our banking partner, and are insured for up to 5 lakh rupees under the RBI’s insurance deposit scheme.

Fi Debit Card

Fi Debit Card Offers

Fi’s debit card provides great deals from Myntra, Amazon, Zomato, and other popular retailers.

Fi Debit Cards Charges 

  • There are no annual card servicing fees with Fi’s Debit Card.
  • debit card also does not have any issuance fees.
  • Each user will receive a free VISA Platinum Debit Card when they open a Fi Savings Account

Fi Debit Card Replacement Charges

  • If the user misplaces his or her first Visa Debit Card, then a new debit card will be issued free of cost
  • However, If the user has misplaced, damaged, or lost his or her Visa Debit Card more than one time then, the user has to pay 250 rupees plus 18% GST for a new replacement card.

Procedure to Check Debit Card Transactions

There are two ways to quickly view your Debit Card spending

  1. Asking Fi
  2. First of all, open the Ask. Fi search bar
  3. Now, type the ‘Debit Card Spends in the search bar
  4. A new page will open on the screen with a list of your transactions.
  • Using Debit Card
  • First of all, open the Fi app
  • On the top right corner, click on the Debit Card icon
  • App’s Debit Card section will open on the screen
  • You’ll find an auto-populated list of all your transactions using Fi’s VISA card beneath the Card offers section.

Debit Card Transactions

Users need to follow the below-given steps to check your Fi Debit Card’s spending limits.

  • First of all, tap the card symbol in the top right corner of the Home page
  • Go to the Card Settings page
  • After that click on the Card limits. It’s here, where you can see your card’s spending limits in detail
  • However, If you only have a digital card, follow these steps:
  • Then you can play around with the online usage restrictions
  • After you’ve activated your physical debit card, you can adjust the following limits:
  • Limits on domestic and international spending
  • POS, Online
  • ATM use
  • Contactless transactions

Procedure to Set Fi Debit Card spending limits

Card limits give you a little more control over impulse purchases. You can use this feature in a variety of ways, for example, if you feel like you spend the cash on weekends, you can limit your total daily spending to any amount you want. Follow the below-given steps to set the card spending limits:

  • Go to the Card Settings page.
  • Modify your card limits by tapping on Card limits.
  • Furthermore, if you travel abroad frequently and lose track of your daily spending, a card limit option can help. Set limits in the ‘International Card Usage’ section and relax.


What is the main aim of the Fi Debit Card?

 The main aim of the Fi Debit Card is to keep track of all of your financial transactions and ensure that your privacy is never compromised

Can we set Fi Debit Card spending limits?

Yes, you can set the Fi Debit Card spending limits

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