SBI Credit Card Cancellation | How To Close SBI Credit Card, Various Methods

SBI Credit Card Cancellation Online | SBI Credit Card Cancellation Number | How To Close SBI Credit Card, Various Methods

State Bank of India provides credit card opportunities to all the customers and you can easily take into consideration radius details related to the State Bank of India credit card by visiting the official website of the State Bank of India. Given below, we are sharing some of the most important specifications related to the step-by-step procedure of the SBI Credit Card Cancellation. We will also answer the question of How To Close SBI Credit Cards, Various Methods. we are also sharing the factors that you must consider before cancelling your credit card and also some of the benefits that you are given through the credit card.

SBI Credit Card Cancellation

Credit cards are a great way through which you can continue shopping without having to worry about the benefits that are inside your bank account and this SBI credit card will provide you with a lot of benefits related to shopping and other facilities so that you can continue your luxury lifestyle. However, if you are spending a lot of money out of your budget then you can decide on cancelling your credit card cancellation for your credit card can be a tough procedure. If you have your credit card in the State Bank of India then you can cancel your credit card by calling the customer service representatives or by writing a letter to the official authorities.

SBI Credit Card Cancellation

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Factors To Consider Before SBI Credit Card Cancellation

There are some important points that you must notice before closing your SBI credit card and given below we are specifying all of those points:-

  • The customer must clear all of their outstanding dues and EMIs as per the bank guidelines before closing their credit card account.
  • The bank will also send you a letter clarifying each and every one of your dues that you need to pay before initiating your cancellation with the State Bank of India.
  • It is important to also check your credit card for unused reward points and you can redeem these rewards points within a period of 45 days after cancelling the card.
  • You will get some attractive gets gifts and offers from the bank’s catalogue if you check out your reward points.
  • It is important to not use the credit card after you have applied for the cancellation procedure. The cancellation procedure may take time but you are not eligible to make any payment by using the credit card that you have cancelled.
  • You have to deactivate all of the automatic bill payments in order to avoid paying extra fees.
  • Make sure you are taking a written confirmation letter from the lender that your credit card has been closed.

After Effects of SBI Credit Card Cancellation

There are some after-effects that you will have to go through if you have successfully cancelled your SBI credit card and given below we are sharing some of them:-

  • After you have successfully closed your credit card, your credit score will definitely be lower and you will have a lesser credit limit.
  • Your credit card history will decide based on your credit usage and your repayment usage so if you close the credit card then your credit history will remove.
  • The customers must maintain a decent credit score to avail themselves of various advantages.
  • It is important to maintain a Credit score because it will help you to get more advantages related to shopping and other lifestyle means so this credit score will definitely help you in emergencies.
SBI Credit Card Cancellation

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How To Close SBI Credit Card?

There are various methods through which you will be able to cancel the State Bank of India credit card and given below we are specifying each one of them:-

Through Customer Care Number

  • SBI credit cardholders, who want to cancel or close their credit card account, can do so by calling the toll-free number,1860-180-1290, or 39-02-02-02 (by using the local STD code as prefix).

Through Email

  • All of the customers can also write an email to the concerned branch in order to get their credit card cancelled.
  • You have to include all of the details related to your credit cards and send it to the following email address-

Through A Letter

  • Write a request to close the credit card at the following address: SBI Card, PO- Bag 28, GPO, New Delhi-110001.
  • You will need to mention your name, address, card number, and contact details. You should refrain from mentioning confidential information like the card’s CVV number or PIN.


How long will it take to get my credit card cancelled

It will take around 15 days for your credit card to be successfully cancelled by the concerned authorities of the State Bank of India and you can call the customer service representative in order to track the status of your cancellation.

What are the good enough reasons to close my SBI credit card

You can easily close your SBI credit card or upgrade your current SBI credit card taking into consideration the request for the closure if you are not using it.

How can I cancel my SBI credit card without visiting the bank branch?

You can call the helpline number or write a letter to the State Bank of India in order to get your credit card cancelled.

How can I reactivate my closed SBI credit card online?

Applicants can call the bank on their SBI credit card helpline number at 1860-180-1290, or 39-02-02-02 (by using the local STD code as prefix) or write to them at

How will your credit score be affected if you are cancelling your SBI credit card?

Your credit score will be affected if you are cancelling your State Bank of India credit card.

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