PAYTM Full KYC Online: Offline Full KYC, Video Full KYC, Benefits

PAYTM Full KYC Online

PAYTM is an Indian Digitel Payment platform that enables its user to do online transactions, UPI Payments, Bill Payments, Online Shopping, etc. PAYTM Full KYC Online is an organization that aims to provide a safe and secure digital payment gateway. Paytm Is authorized by the Reserve Bank of India for digital online payment. For security reasons, Paytm suggest its customer link their Aadhar card with Paytm.  With the help of Aadhaar, the user can be easily identified and verified. This app also helps people to do online payments very easily.


Benefits of PAYTM

  • It provides financial security to the user.
  • It helps the customer to pay all bills online.
  • It encourages cashless transactions.
  • Quick payment transfers can be done.
  • It helps users to do payments through mobile by saving cards also.

What is PAYTM Full KYC

RBI has passed the guidelines to cashless payment apps to do the KYC of its users. With the help of KYC, the identity of the user can be easily revealed. KYC also helps to reduce the risk of fraudsters and fake identities. If any user wants to access the Paytm wallet then he should firstly complete its KYC process. But UPI transactions can be done without KYC also. KYC is not a complex process.

PAYTM Full KYC Online

Benefits of Full Paytm KYC

PAYTM offers two types of KYC, minimum KYC, and Full KYC. With full KYC user gets features like a Paytm wallet, a wallet to-a-bank transfer, and no spending limits on the wallet. Here we are sharing the benefits of full PAYTM KYC.

  • With full KYC, users can pay the amount on any app or website.
  • The limit of Paytm wallet will be increased to Rs 1,00,000
  • Users can transfer amounts from the Paytm wallet to any bank and any other wallet.
  • The spending limit of Paytm wallet will be waived off for full KYC customers
  • One can open a Paytm Payments Bank saving bank account after full KYC.
Paytm Payments Bank

Online PAYTM Full KYC Process

  • Firstly, login into your Paytm application on your mobile.
  • Click on your profile image on the top left corner of the home screen.
  • Your profile will open.
  • Scroll down to account details which will include your name, email, and wallet status.  
  • After this, you will find that your Paytm wallet is not active.
  • Click on activate option, and here you can do your minimum KYC. This will activate the wallet but for a lesser time.
  • To take all benefits you have to follow the full KYC process.

PAYTM Video Full KYC

The best way to do KYC is by video but for video KYC you must have a good internet connection.

  • To start the KYC process, enter your Aadhar Card details. You will receive OTP for confirmation. The number in which you will receive OTP should be linked with Aadhar.
  • After,  Aadhar verification, enter all details that are asked for such as parents’ names, permanent and correspondence addresses, profession, marital status, etc.
  • After this, video verification will be started at that time the company employee may ask you for your DOB, or permanent address.
  • Keep your pan card ready with you, as now the employee will ask for a pan card. Now you have to face the camera holding your PAN card.  The front part of the pan card should face the camera.
  • After the verification, your KYC will be completed and your Id will be updated.


There are two ways to complete offline PAYTM KYC. Here we are sharing the offline Paytm KYC process

  • By Visiting the nearest PAYTM KYC Centre-If the user is not able to do the video KYC then he also has the option to a nearby KYC Centre and can complete the process. The company has a list of KYC centers.
  • Doorstep PAYTM KYC -There is one more option for the users they can call the employee at home for KYC. But they have to pay Rs 150 for home visiting charges.  This benefit is also not available in all cities.

Important Documents Required

Here we are providing a complete list of important documents required for Paytm KYC

  • Electricity Bill
  • Passport
  • Ration card.
  • AADHAR card
  • Bank statement or bank passbook
  • Voter ID card
  • Driving license
  • Pan card


The Paytm app works as a medium for completing payments online. It has made its good place in the online market. The users have a facility to transfer cash from a bank account to a Paytm wallet through debit cards, cards, and net banking. It also helps the user to transfer money from one account to another account. Customers can avail the complete benefits of Paytm by completing the KYC process.

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