How to Make Payment Through Whatsapp | Transaction Limit Per Day ?

WhatsApp Payment:- Whatsapp which is owned by Facebook, and the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) announced in early November that WhatsApp would begin operating a UPI payments service. “WhatsApp created our payments functionality in collaboration with NPCI utilizing the Unified Payment Interface (UPI), an India-first, a real-time payment system that facilitates transactions with over 160 supported banks,” according to a WhatsApp blog post.

Make Payment Through Whatsapp

Users will be able to make payments to anyone on their WhatsApp contact list using the WhatsApp In-Chat Payment functionality. WhatsApp users will be able to send and receive money using the new feature. To make this service available to consumers, the social media messaging app has partnered with several of the country’s top institutions. The payment system will use the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) technology, which allows fund transactions to be made without providing a bank account number or an IFSC code.

How to Make Payment Through Whatsapp Step-by-Step Process

  • Click the attachment symbol in the chat window of the person to whom you wish to make a payment.
  • In the chat box, select the ‘Payment‘ option and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Enter the amount to be transferred, your UPI PIN, and click “Send Money.” If you’re using an iPhone, tap the + symbol in the chat window and follow the steps from step 2.

WhatsApp In-Chat Payment Features and Benefits

Following are the benefits of WhatsApp In-Chat Payment

  • Pay anyone on your WhatsApp contact list from anywhere at any time.
  • The ‘pay‘ option is simple to use and allows transferring money as easy as sending a photo or a message.
  • Once the money have been transferred, the payee/beneficiary will see a payment notification in their chat window.
  • There is no need to request account information from the payee, such as account number or IFSC code. To make a payment, all you need is a virtual address.
  • The WhatsApp In-Chat Payment app is a one-of-a-kind payment tool on the platform.


WhatsApp now has a UPI Integration

WhatsApp has over 1.4 billion monthly active users worldwide, making it one of the most popular messaging services on the planet. The number of active users is increasing every day, and the Facebook-owned company is slated to introduce a slew of new features this year. Some of these capabilities are already available in the iOS and Android beta versions. WhatsApp will also offer a few features related to India. For example, given that India is one of the largest markets for this messaging service, with over 250 million monthly active users, integration of UPI (Unified Payments Services) in the app is a must.

Some of the most eagerly anticipated features are the ability to edit previously sent messages and the option to make group calls on WhatsApp that include both voice and video. The messaging service recently added the “Remove for Everyone” option, which allows users to delete an already-sent message within 7 minutes after pressing the “Send” button.

Payments Banks in India

How to use WhatsApp’s QR Code Scanning Feature to Send Money

Select Payments from the Payments choices in the Settings menu. Select the New Payments button, then the Scan QR Code button. You’ll be asked to enter the amount to be sent as well as your UPI PIN for verification. Your whole transaction history will be accessible through WhatsApp’s Payments feature. Additionally, the app will allow you to view your bank accounts that are linked to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp entered the Indian digital payment industry to compete with established competitors such as Google Tez, Paytm, and MobiKwik. The WhatsApp payments feature, on the other hand, is still in beta and has not yet been made available to all users. In India, the Facebook-owned messaging app currently has over 200 million monthly users.


Is WhatsApp Pay secure?

According to WhatsApp, payment information is used to safeguard users from fraud and abuse, provide customer service, and facilitate transactions. Facebook is the service provider for WhatsApp Pay, and their payment system is secure and safe.

What’s the process for accepting payments over WhatsApp?

Because the payment feature is based on UPI, the WhatsApp number must match the phone number associated with the bank account. The bank account must also support the UPI option.
You must use the Payment Option, which can be located in WhatsApp settings, to enable the service.

What is the procedure for creating a WhatsApp UPI account?

The steps to set up WhatsApp UPI are as follows:
Go to the ‘Settings’ section of WhatsApp.
Choose ‘Payments’ 
Select Add new account.
Choose a bank from the list of possibilities.
To create a UPI account, you must first verify your mobile number.
You can verify the bank account by using the UPI PIN.

Is there a limit to the amount of money that may be sent via WhatsApp Pay?

Money can be transferred to a single VPA or numerous VPAs up to 20 times. The highest amount that may be sent via WhatsApp Pay in a single day is Rs.1 lakh. A limit of Rs.1 lakh has also been set by the government.

Is it safe to Make Payment Through Whatsapp?

Yes Because WhatsApp Pay uses the government’s UPI payments system, all payments made through it are safe.

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