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Dhani Credit Card Online Registration | One Freedom Card Online Apply | Dhani Credit Card Eligibility | Dhani Credit Card Customer Care

The Dhani One Freedom Card resembles a master or visa credit card, however, it is not. Instead, we’ll talk about a card that looks similar to it. You can withdraw money in exactly the same way with this card, and there will be no interest.

Dhani One Freedom Card

Dhani One Freedom Card: What is it and How Does It Work?

The Dhani One Freedom Card is an app-based credit card, Cardless credit facility, or loan with unrivaled features. This card contains a lot of cool features, such as cashback on all transactions, instant approval, instant doctor’s consultation, cheap prescription, and so on.

Dhani One Independence Card, according to the company, is your freedom from interest and health concerns. One program provides a 0% interest credit line as well as unrestricted, immediate access to doctors.

Advantages of Dhani Credit Card

The following are some of the top advantages:

  • By establishing a 0% interest Credit Line Facility with your dhaniRupay card or app, you may make the most of your expenditures.
  • Doctors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — with instant and unlimited access.
  • Dhani rupay card is available for free.
  • For all transactions, you’ll get instant cashback.

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Fees and Charges for Obtaining A Dhani One Freedom Card

Joining the Dhani One Freedom Credit Cards is completely free. You’ll also get 2% cash back on every online transaction for the rest of your life. This particular Freedom Credit card has no application fees. There are no recurring charges. The first time limit you’ll face is Rs10, 000. If you have a strong credit score, your credit limit will be increased to Rs. 5 lakhs. Dhani One Freedom, a unique feature of the Dhani app, provides users both health and interest rate freedom.

Monthly Charges of Dhani One Freedom Card

Customers can acquire credit up to Rs 5 lakh at free interest and unlimited access to doctors 24 hours a day for a nominal monthly charge or subscription.

Dhani One Freedom Card Benefits Instant Money

  • Get a quick credit of up to Rs 5 lakh with no interest.
  • No EMIs with easy interest – You can utilise your credit line as needed and pay it back in three easy EMIs.
  • There are no additional fees or processing expenses. There is a single monthly price that is not subject to any additional charges.
  • Get Instant Cashback – Get money back on all of your purchases.
  • Doctors are available at all times- Have access to high-quality healthcare 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Best Way to Receive Dhani One Freedom

  • In the app, tap the dhani one freedom tile.
  • To acquire a fast approval, simply submit your basic information, such as your date of birth, PAN, and current salary.
  • Accept the terms and conditions that apply to the subscription plan you’ve chosen.
  • You can set up a mandate to automatically deduct the monthly subscription price as well as the loan emi. Depending on the bank you have, you can set up a mandate using netbanking, debit card, aadhaar number, or physical download method.

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Eligibility Criteria

  • Residence: India
  • For salaried individuals: Minimum of 20 years old
  • Income: You must have a consistent source of income.
  • Self-employed: Minimum of 20 years old
  • You’ll need a constant source of money.
  • CIBIL score of (750 and more).
  • If you already have a card, getting one will be considerably easier.

KYC Documents Required for Dhani One Freedom Credit Line

The documents needed to apply for a Dhani One Freedom Card are listed below, however, it varies from person to person. As some documents may be necessary to be submitted as their whole, while others may simply be required to supply their Pan and Aadhaar card.

  • Photocopy of ID proof (any1)
  • Voter card
  • Aadhar card
  • Passport
  • Photocopy of the Address Proof (any1)
  • PAN Card
  • Last 6 Months Bank Account Statement
  • Driving license
  • Utility bill
  • Aadhar Card
  • Passport
  • One of the most recent passport-sized photos

Income Statement Proof:

  • Salaried Person (any1)
  • The most recent salary slip. (3 months)
  • Person who is self-employed
  • ITR
  • The most recent income tax return.
  • Recent audited financial reports
  • Business proof

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How to Get a Dhani Credit Card for Free

  • To begin, download the Dhani App.
  • Enter your phone number and confirm it with a one-time password (OTP).
  • Set a 4-digit pin now.
  • The Following Step: Enter the number on your PAN card that you actually have.
  • You will now be taken to the homepage.
  • Look for the Dhani One Liberty Credit Card at the bottom of the page. It should be tapped.
  • Continue and go ahead to view the perks of this card.
  • Now, input your personal information, such as your date of birth and PAN card number, and click Continue.
  • Continue by pressing the Enter key.
  • You must now complete your Aadhar KYC. You’ll need an Aadhar-Lined cellphone number for this. This number must be used for the next 24 hours.
  • This article will show you how to use the first option to complete KYC. If you have an Aadhar-linked cellphone number, follow the instructions below.
  • Fill in the Captcha and click Generate OTP after entering your Aadhar number.
  • Enter the OTP sent to your Aadhar-linked cellphone number, the year in the Share Code box, and then click Validate OTP.
  • Now double-check your information, input your email address, and proceed.
  • It’s finished!
  • You must activate your card in order to use the Tap on Avail Now feature.
  • Click Validate Your Identity after entering your bank account number and IFSC code.
  • Your card is now ready for usage. Simply press the Activate Card button to get started.
  • To use this card, you must pay Rs299 in advance. You will be given Rs299 in cashback, which is fully refundable.
  • You can use your One Freedom Credit card when you’ve made a successful payment. To access Virtual Credit Cards, tap on Cards. Your card information can be found there.

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Procedure to Transfer Dhani One Credit to a Bank Account

Dhani One Freedom To Bank account (Dhani freedom to bank transfer).

Money can be transferred from a Dhani One Freedom to a bank account.

Use Dhani one freedom to buy gold, then sell it and deposit the money back into your bank account after 24 hours.

  • MobiKwik

To add money to your MobiKwik Wallet, use the MobiKwik App. Use your Dhani Ruppy card to transfer money into your bank after you’ve added money to your MobiKwik Wallet. However, KYC is necessary, and MobiKwik costs 2.75 percent for bank transfers.

  • Amazon

You can use dhani one freedom cards to purchase any product and make a successful payment when the return/cancellation transaction is done. This reimbursement will be credited to your DhaniWallet when you have created an ad bank account in the Dhani App and transferred funds to it. Additionally, you can earn 2% cashback on Amazon purchases.

  • Paytm

You can buy gold on Paytm with your dhani one card after you’ve added a bank account. You can buy gold on Paytm with your Dhani one freedom card, then sell it and deposit the money to your bank account immediately.

How to Use Dhani One Freedom Credit Card

  • Cashback is available on all purchases.
  • You’ll get a 5% discount on everything with your Dhani One Freedom Card, including fuel, groceries, and bill payments.
  • You’ll also get a 20% discount on your monthly membership fees, as well as up to 10% cash back on your monthly EMI installment payments.
  • Get a Medicine Discount
  • The card can save you up to 40% on medicines and assures same-day delivery.
  • Doctors are available at any time:
  • Your Dhani One Freedom Card entitles you to unlimited doctor visits for any medical condition. Your initial consultation will be free of charge.

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Dhani One Freedom Card EMI option

With your Dhani One Freedom Card, you may turn your entire monthly charge into an interest-free EMI. This is for a period of three months only. The monthly payment amount will be automatically debited from your linked bank account.

Approval of Dhani One Freedom Card

As soon as you meet the eligibility requirements, your card will be activated. Your Dhani App will also provide you with a virtual copy of your card. In a few days, you will receive a tangible copy of the card.

You can have a credit limit of Rs1 lakh with the Dhani One Freedom Card. The credit limit, on the other hand, is determined by your eligibility. You will be able to see your credit limit at the time of acceptance.

App Control

You can view every transaction made with this card using the Dhani app. You can also cancel your subscription at any moment and not be charged anything extra.

Dhani One Freedom Card Complaints Process

If you notice any illegal charges or inaccuracies on your monthly statement, you should take action right once. Follow the steps and instructions below.

To begin, contact customer service. Inform them of your issue, and they will provide you with specific instructions. They should instantly block your card if it has been stolen or misplaced.

You can also make a complaint by calling 022-67737800 or sending an email to grievance@dhani.com.

If your problem persists, you can contact the primary nodal officer by phoning 0124-6037111 or sending an email to nodal@dhani.com.

The majority of problems can be handled at level 3. If you continue to encounter issues, you can contact The Banking Ombudsman. However, before contacting the Banking Ombudsman, you should first try to address the problem with the company.


What is the Interest Rate for Dhani One Freedom Card?

The interest rate is 0% for a specified period

What is the Dhani One Freedom Card Customer Care Number?

Call 022-67737800

What is the Dhani One Freedom Card Customer Care Email?

Email support@dhani.com

What is the name of the dhani Doctor Plan to which I am entitled?

Dhani One Freedom provides you with unrestricted and immediate access to our doctors, who you can contact at any time of day for any medical need.

Can I foreclose on debts made with the credit limit on my One Freedom credit card?

Yes, you have the option of foreclosing on the dhani One Freedom loan. Foreclosure conditions and terms

Is it possible to switch my credit line to Dhani One Freedom?

Depending on which Freedom plan you’re on now and any other plans you’re given, you can increase or decrease your credit line.

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